Any suggestions on a smartphone for Dexcom G6 and Omnipod 5 to work together on?

I am new to the Omnipod 5. I am on the Dexcom G6 at the moment. Trying to find what best Samsung Galaxy phone would well with both apps and have it work well together. Any suggestions on this would be appreciated. Have been trying to look at both compatibility lists of compatible phones for the last two days and having issues with finding them in stock new. Really don’t want a refurished phone.

The Omnipod compatibility list is more restrictive than the G6 list, so basically you’re going to be looking at the Omnipod 5 list for your options. Unfortunately, Insulet is pretty slow certifying new devices. I don’t know if they’ve ever certified a phone while it was still in production. I got my Galaxy S20+ when it was the newest phone on the compatibility list and the S22 was out. They’ve since certified the S21 series, but still no sign of the S22. So you may have to resign yourself to a refurbished phone. I went through two returns (one from an Amazon reseller, the other from ebay) before getting a working (and actually unlocked) phone on ebay. Fortunately, both my return experiences were completely straightforward–seller paid return shipping with no hoops to jump through. Pay attention to return policies. Going with Amazon or ebay will give you a higher authority to enforce the return.
I understand the reluctance to get a refurb, and obviously went through the downside of getting one. But I’m really happy now that I went with it. I don’t feel like I’m missing anything I’d have with an S22 if I could use one, and certainly the price of a refurb beats the over-inflated prices of a new Samsung. Of course the big plus on using the phone is not having to use the PDM. That thing is the opposite of user-friendly and the difference between having to carry around and use two devices versus just having my phone is actually huge.
So my recommendation is to bite the bullet and get the S21 model of your choice (I’m not familiar with the A71, but that could also be a less expensive option) from Amazon or ebay. Exercise some care in selecting the reseller and pay a little more for a phone in top condition. I think I had worse luck than most people going that route (and I didn’t start with that top condition approach), and I’m still very glad I did.

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I’m in the same boat. Finally got my prescription to try out the OM5 but I have an apple phone. :frowning:

@drpepper68 How locked in to Apple are you? Theoretically, Insulet plans to certify Apple phones some day, but I wouldn’t hold your breath on that. Unfortunately the best reason to switch from iOS to Android–price–doesn’t really apply when your only Android option is Samsung. But I will say that only having to carry an Android phone versus having to carry both an Apple phone and the Omnipod PDM is also a pretty strong argument. YMMV, and the PDM comes with your starter kit, so you can always figure out for yourself how onerous you feel the 2-device approach is before deciding whether to make the switch. But if you are open-minded about your phone, I would encourage you to consider it.
Oh–FWIW, a word of advice if you decide to go the PDM route: consider something like the Spibelt for the PDM. Once you’ve got 2 devices (plus a wallet) having both devices in a pocket ceases to be practical. The Spibelt is relatively unobtrusive (as long as you get the no-logo version) so it’s not quite so geeky as a fanny pack and is reasonably comfortable. I used one until I got my Samsung and it was the best solution I found to carrying multiple devices while keeping them both readily accessible.

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I’m totally locked into Apple, work laptop, all family phones, etc. so that’s not an option. My plan is to try it for a month to see if/when they come out with an iOS app I’ll know whether I want to switch or not. Right now my tandem is doing a great job but I’m always pushing for the latest thing, I am a techie after all and work in the tech world. :slight_smile: I love diabetes tech. I do believe tubeless will be the future and we will look back at using tubes as very archaic. I hope tandem develops a tubeless pump, I can’t remember if they are. We need the competition.

Even if it’s only for one month test drive, it might still be worth getting the Spibelt to carry the PDM if you don’t already have a comfortable solution on the carrying-it-around front. But I’ll be shocked if the iOS app is out in a month (or even 6 months) so my guess is that this will just be information gathering in the near term. Of course the information you gather may be that having to carry two devices isn’t really so bad for you and it’s worth putting up with to have a tubeless solution.

There seem to be others who are locked in to Apple, so sharing your experience and any solutions/workarounds you come up with will doubtless be welcomed here.

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Tandem is working on Mobi patch pump:
hybrid mini-pump that has both a short, 4-inch tubing with the trademark “pigtail” connector that goes to an infusion set as well as adhesive on the back to stick onto the body — so it can be worn either way

Although probably not released until next year.

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FYI: The Omnipod 5 Compatibility list has been updated and now includes the Galaxy S22 line.