Omnipod 5 iPhone app FDA approved!

I was super excited until I saw 2024.

I was just thinking last night that my fanny pack would be so much lighter without that dang controller on long walks.

Oh well - something to look forward to.,


So glad to hear it’s finally out! Hope it works well and as hoped by so many!


Coming in 2024-the Omnipod 5 App for iPhone integrated with
Dexcom G6 CGM.
Control your Omnipod 5
System with the Dexcom G6 CGM your way. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of a
single device.

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Yeah, looks like Dexcom and Insulet are on different development and FDA approval cycles. We were already on the G7 and went back to G6 after the G6/Omnipod was available. We didn’t have the right android phone, so my son’s still carrying a phone and the controller. However, he loves his pump/G6 combo. It does make life a lot easier for him as a teenager.


As someone who packs in his pocket an iPhone for Dexcom G6 CGM readings and an Omnipod 5 controller for insulin delivery, I have long hoped that Omnipod would develop iPhone connectivity.

Apparently, that linkage will occur several months from now.

But as fellow users observe, Omnipod 5 and the more advanced Dexcom G7 won’t be compatible.

Developing the iPhone/Omnipod 5/Dexcom G7 linkage is complicated.

However, it seems that Omnipod’s software engineering team should be working daily with Dexcom’s team to quickly achieve connectivity … with the G7.

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So even after they link OP5 to Dexcom 7 I think they still have to start manufacturing all new pods? Not sure?

If this is the case I’ll be on g6 for quite some time. Especially considering that I’m a few months ahead on pods as it is. Maybe I’ll switch to g7 about the same time as a G8 rollout. :rofl:

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