Omnipod 5 iPhone app FDA approved!

I was super excited until I saw 2024.

I was just thinking last night that my fanny pack would be so much lighter without that dang controller on long walks.

Oh well - something to look forward to.,


So glad to hear it’s finally out! Hope it works well and as hoped by so many!


Coming in 2024-the Omnipod 5 App for iPhone integrated with
Dexcom G6 CGM.
Control your Omnipod 5
System with the Dexcom G6 CGM your way. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of a
single device.

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Yeah, looks like Dexcom and Insulet are on different development and FDA approval cycles. We were already on the G7 and went back to G6 after the G6/Omnipod was available. We didn’t have the right android phone, so my son’s still carrying a phone and the controller. However, he loves his pump/G6 combo. It does make life a lot easier for him as a teenager.


As someone who packs in his pocket an iPhone for Dexcom G6 CGM readings and an Omnipod 5 controller for insulin delivery, I have long hoped that Omnipod would develop iPhone connectivity.

Apparently, that linkage will occur several months from now.

But as fellow users observe, Omnipod 5 and the more advanced Dexcom G7 won’t be compatible.

Developing the iPhone/Omnipod 5/Dexcom G7 linkage is complicated.

However, it seems that Omnipod’s software engineering team should be working daily with Dexcom’s team to quickly achieve connectivity … with the G7.


So even after they link OP5 to Dexcom 7 I think they still have to start manufacturing all new pods? Not sure?

If this is the case I’ll be on g6 for quite some time. Especially considering that I’m a few months ahead on pods as it is. Maybe I’ll switch to g7 about the same time as a G8 rollout. :rofl:

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FDA approval in October, and we’re still waiting in January? When do you suppose they will get around to releasing this software for iPhone - we’ve only been waiting for 2 years! They say 2024 - so maybe next December? And the version that will work with the G7 - can we expect to wait another 2 years after that for that software to release?
I said it before, and I’ll say it again - I’m not too impressed with the software development at Insulet. Yeah yeah - blame it on the FDA approval, right? The approval that came over 2 months ago? What are they waiting for? You would think they’d know there are more than a handful of iPhone users on the planet…


It’s not really complicated, the interface seems pretty much identical. For a long time xDrip+ treated the G7 pretty much as a G6 and, while there were major UI issues as a result, the system did work. Even today, where the G7 now has a “lifetime” of 10.5 days in place of the G6 10 days, I suspect the code to talk to the G7 is almost identical to that to talk to the G6. So far as I know the xDrip+ guys don’t get help from Dexcom or, indeed, pretty much anyone.

Insulet, however, has to jump through the hoops we set it via the FDA. That means pretty much a reset for the G7 because it is a “different” device, however similar. The iPhone thing is broadly the same but there may be additional technical issues with the iPhone because of Apple’s design; I recently hit some with MacOS.


Not trying to be smart here, but I would have purchased an iphone, being an android believer, for my son to be able to use the Omnipod 5 / G6. It’s not perfect, and it would be nice to have the G7 with it, but overall it’s well worth it, for us, to switch phones. Luckily we could stay on the platform we already had. Maybe it is a lot easier to program this on Android. Omnipod added the Android 14 compatibility quickly after it was pushed out to Google Pixel phones. This by the way was very hard to not tap on the frequent 'wanna update to Android 14?" messages on his phone just out of instinct.

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I was only an Android user forever…until diabetes and until the devices and loop system necessitated the iPhone. Since switching I honestly wouldn’t switch back.

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Ha, yep, hence the prelude to my post. Some things just have more than one right answer, and that’s okay. Like BMW or Mercedes, which was the thing between my dad and my uncle. Can’t win, but cheers to having options, I guess.

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