Are Omnipod5 users EVER going to get an iPhone app?

Are we EVER going to get an iPhone app for the Omnipod5? This has been promised for over a year, and I’m really getting tired of waiting for it. Carrying around the PDM as well as my work and personal phones is getting ridiculous. With all of the technology breakthroughs out there in the world, this seems pretty simple to me and Insulet doesn’t seem to care about the inconvenience to us. Does anyone have any new information on if/when the promised iPhone app is actually going to grace our presence?


Not sure this counts as new information, but when I did an OM5 training a few months ago, my trainer told me they had an iOS version on Long Island. Maybe there are regulatory approvals in the works? Maybe it’s time to rent an Airbnb on Long Island and get an endocrine appointment there?

Not sure if this counts as new info but insulets website says the app will begin a Limited Market Release early summer 2024. So hopefully a couple months away??

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No new info here. I was on the phone recently with tech support and they don’t know anything specific about the release date.