Omnipod 5 down

So I got a message on my cell phone that the Omnipod 5 app is no longer compatible. So I had to go dig up the controller and charge it. Bad on me I don’t remember the setting numbers Etc. So I sent an email to my doctor for those. Meantime I am wondering why in the world omnipod is looking like garbage? Anybody else having app compatibility issues on their phone? By the way this is very current…


A couple of questions, James, 1. Was the app working in the past? 2. If #1 is true, is auto updates enabled on your phone. #2 is a problem with medical devices controlling apps.

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I saw this in a FB group too. Apparently Omnipod is aware and their recommended action is exactly as you’re doing.


Still waiting for the iPhone compatibility that was promised back in the day, and here we are over a year later, no closer to that becoming a reality…Very disappointing in what could have been such a game-changer for those of us who now have to carry 3 pieces of tech which include a personal phone, a work phone and a controller…Oh, let’s not forget an actual meter, too, just in case readings don’t “feel” right…

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Only a year? I remember an Insulet rep making promises about an iphone app back in 2016. :rofl:


Thanks for the email. Frankly, it was seriously annoying switching between devices and using more equipment. Thankfully, I went on Reddit and discovered a solution.

Evidently, other people try removing the omnipod 5 app and reinstalling it. Guess what? It worked. I did just that. Besides the frustration of trying to remember or gaining my settings on the pump Etc I had to go through a couple pods. At this point I’m back as normal