A new twist on the Omnipod 5 compatibility list

I’ve seen a fair amount of commentary about the Omnipod 5 compatibility list here, generally around when they will certify the current Galaxy version or if they’ll ever certify Apple/IOS phones.

For Android users, note that the compatibility list specifies both phone models and OS versions. Right now it only lists Android 11 and 12 for the newer phone models, while Samsung is pushing out Android 13 updates.
I got a little surprise when I upgraded my S20+ to Android 13. Now every night I get an alert in the app telling me that they haven’t tested the app with Android 13 yet. And that they’ll keep notifying me of that fact every day. I guess it’s another CYA on Insulet’s part so if something does go wrong they can say “We told you so.”

Fortunately the app seems to be working fine for me other than the daily reminder. Unfortunately I upgraded my OS before bed on a weekend. Which is significantly later than when I need to go to bed on a work night. And the notification hits every 24 hours like clockwork so the app is seeing to it that I’m low on sleep every day. I’m very tempted to turn off notifications from the app as the lesser evil than missing something going terribly wrong with my pod. I tried calling Omnipod 5 support, but the guy I talked to didn’t know what I was talking about, so he decided to tell me that I didn’t know what I was talking about.

Bottom line–hold off on updating your phone’s OS if you can. If you can’t hold off, do the update at a time of day when getting the notification won’t be too much of an inconvenience.


To the O5 support rep who insisted that I wasn’t seeing the notification I was seeing, and the rest of you too, here’s my nightly notification.

Ironically, I couldn’t take a screen shot (“Can’t take screenshot due to security policy”) of the Omnipod 5 app, so I had to take a picture with a different phone.


@JMe You’re right! I currently get pop-ups about Dexcom not having tested the G6 with my current iOS version. Been happening for months now! Also, ther’s always a flurry of emails surrounding a new OS release and whether it will work with Loop! As programs get ever larger, complex, and interactive with other software and hardware, I wonder if we’ll reach appoint that liability is either assumed or useless…

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Even the apps are fighting you now. Amazing that they wouldn’t let you take a picture of the warnings. Then tell you that you aren’t getting the warning. Funny/not funny