Samsung Galaxy S22 added to Omnipod 5 Compatibility list

Insulet has updated the Omnipod 5 Compatibility List, and the S22 (S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra models) has been added to the list. Currently it is the only model that has official support for Android 13 (although my S20+ has been on Android 13 for months without any issues other than an annoying daily alert that it isn’t supported). As seems to be the norm, the S22 gets added after Samsung has stopped production and moved on to the S23. But at least there is a newer option available, and if you’re thinking of getting a new (to you, even if refurbished) phone to run the Omnipod 5 app, the S22 would seem to have the best long-term viability since the latest version of Android is supported on that model.


My Galaxy s21 ultra runs fine. However, i hope it lasts a couple more years. Waiting for the Dexcom G7 to connect with Omnipod 5.

As with you, James, I too wait for G7 and Omnipod 5 to achieve compatibility.

And, for an iPhone user, it’s been an interminable wait for the Omnipod 5 to develop an iPhone app.

The wait has been long, and apparently will get longer.