Sharing Spike App Data with Doctor

Hi all. I just started using the Spike App with my Dexcom G5. I have an endocrinologist appointment coming up in a little over a week. I am having trouble figuring out if there is a way to share the data from Spike with my doctor for my appointment. The Dexcom app allowed you to share a link or code with the doctor. Is there anything like that to share straight from Spike? Thanks!

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Unless they also download Spike and “follow” you I don’t believe you can share straight from Spike.

If you create a Nightscout site and have Spike post your data to Nightscout, you could give them the link to your Nightscout site or print out reports for them from there.

Here’s some instructions on setting up Nightscout if you want to do that:


Was @docslotnick mentioning recently that you could use Tidepool for that? Or I am getting confused?

@Michel That was only for xDrip+. @glitzabetes has the right idea for sharing from Spike.

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