Anyone here use the Spike app to look at their CGM data? Seems it has a lot of benefits, including no automatic expiration on the transmitter, no 2-hour warmup, etc:

It’s for IOS and I am looking for reviews or thoughts!

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If it’s an IOS fork of xDrip+ like it’s advertised to be then it is miles ahead of the Dexcom app. I know that @Thomas was looking at it.

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@docslotnick - Yes. My relative was able to get Spike working with no issues. Although she was not able to get a data upload or reporting functionality. Doing the nightscout thing was significantly past what she was able/willing to get into. If there was a simple and direct data upload option then she missed it. Other than that, it sounded like it worked good with no issues.



are you back?? Hope you are recovering well!!



Slowly but well-ly, thank you @TiaG!



so glad to see you back around these parts!

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I was on the Dexcom G4 and although currently on the Medtronic CGM I will be changing shortly to the G5 and linking it to my iPhone and Apple Watch. I was looking at the xDrip, so it is interesting to hear that is being discontinued for iOS and this sounds like the successor. I look forward to trying it out! Until Dexcom have approval via the official apps, I am guessing (after searching) that there is no way yet to get the Apple Watch and transmitter to communicate without the iPhone?



I meant to add, this is quite a useful video:

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Has anyone tried it any further? @Thomas?



I used it briefly with a few sensors – it worked pretty well but it was a pain in the butt to download testflight and do all the ancillary setup stuff. But once it was running it worked quite well.

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Not me personally. A relative used it.

They are not tech savvy at all so it was nice that they found it extremely easy to download, install and configure to get it up and running with a G5.

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I’m currently using it. With everything going on in my day to day, I have had barely any time to explore it. I had some accuracy issues in the very beginning, but I’m learning to take care at calibration time, and I absolutely loved it during my swim the other day. I set it up in a clear bag at the end of my lane and could hear it announcing my blood sugar for a few laps. I look forward to spending some time with it… as soon as life lets up. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Im finding it very difficult to set up a bluetooth connection on Spike. Any advice most welcome.



Hi @markmorriss56!

My mom actually helped me get this set up (which is ironic because she can’t even operate a phone), so I will ask her today how she did it and will return with an answer.

@glitzabetes, are you able to help here? Do you have any advice on setting up a Bluetooth connection on Spike?

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@markmorriss56, do you have a lot of Bluetooth connections on your device?

@thomas, do you have any suggestions?

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Hi! Is your difficulty with initially pairing your transmitter with Spike? What type of transmitter are you using?



Hi. Yes - my difficulty is pairing my transmitter with Spike. I use a Dexcom G4.
Really appreciate you replying.



I did have about a dozen blue tooth connections. I deleted several and now only have four. This hasn’t helped. Still can’t connect.

Really appreciate you replying.

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Dexcom G4 does not have native Bluetooth. It is required to use the Dexcom Receiver with Share as a bridge.



@TiaG, is it possible to use in in parallel with the Dexcom app? Do you have to start it with a new sensor?

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