Spike App

Want an xDrip+ experience without the headaches of constantly troubleshooting that app?

Spike is able to also extend the transmitter battery life just as xDrip can.

Also capable of setting alarms that repeat, different alarms for different situations/times of day, etc.,

I’ll be downloading this app this weekend so I’ll provide some feedback on it. It is an Apple app, though.


Spike was originally forked for Apple devices from xDrip+, and since then has been growing on its own.

It has the big advantage of being developed only for the iPhone, unlike xDrip which which is developed for just a handful of Android devices. It’s impossible to make such a complex app work with every iteration running Android.

I’ll be looking forward to @ClaudnDaye 's evaluation of Spike.


@ClaudnDaye is Spike back up and running? Several weeks back, Apple had revoked their certificates and they were forced offline. It would be great if they were still going!!

Yes. They’re online

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As of early this morning, the admin in the Spike FB group has a post up talking about it being back online and available. The post is much longer and detailed. Worth the read if anybody is interested.


@Thomas that’s fantastic! I’m glad Spike is back. :grin:

Yes, I gave up on my Apple investigation a couple of days ago partly because they (Apple) had forked Spike.

The way I look at it Apple did me a favor.

Oh, oooh, ooooh. xDrip+ can extend my transmitter beyond the 90 (110?) days?

I’ve only been using the G6 since Oct 2018 and I’ve been looking at this with massive concern because I know I can run the sensor for as long as it works (around 15 days I think, which makes the Dexcom 10 days entirely reasonable). However I’m currently pumping on 99 transmitter days and 6.3 sensor days. I don’t know whether my transmitter will whack my sensor at 110 days, or whatever the magic number actually is, so I don’t know whether to drop the sensor at the next change or just go for the squirrel-nuts.

John Bowler

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Yes, xDrip and Spike both can.


More nuts, Yahoo [Swift].

I have been trying to setup Spike as master (offline) and as a local server for FreeAPS X, but I am unable to do so. Can you please point me in the right direction? Thanks.

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Sorry, @dsamuels2300, I’m no expert on Spike as I didn’t use it long term. I only tried it out back in May 2019. Hopefully someone here that uses it can answer your questions/concerns!


I have not used spike before but there are many of us that may be able to help if you have a specific tech question. What issues are you experiencing?

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It’s a question for the FreeAPS maintainers (the github page) or OpenAPS in general. I don’t know how these guys operate, not yet having tried OpenAPS, but if you are not used to working with OSS OpenAPS is probably a better place to start looking, although their web page seems to have stopped being updated (the last blog post seems to have been 2018).

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