Pump on activity mode for 20 hours

I don’t use activity on the Tandem pump because it just doesn’t work well for me, mostly just raising my average blood glucose levels.

I noticed that I was in activity mode and checked history. It was set around the time I suspended insulin for a shower.

I don’t think this was a glitch by the pump just fat fingered user error.

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So how did it go for you?

For the last week my BG has been wacky. Insulin willl be slow to work and then work too well. I had a slow speed tumble on the bike a week ago Saturday. I think the abrasions may be the cause. Who knows.

Anyway being on exercise mode for nearly 24 hours just added to what has been going on.

It doesn’t help that it has been raining off and on for days preventing me getting out on the road. Stationary cycling helps but is not as effective for me as out in the real world.