Problem with xDrip and Android 9 upgrade

Hi! Due to the upgrade of phones to Android 9 (Huawei Honor 10 or Huawei Honor 9 (EMUI 9.0 + Android 9)) my xDrip does`t connect Bluetooth to Blucon. The main error – incorrectly entered password, while using LinkDluCon or Gimp connection with Blucon occurs. It is – incorrectly entered password. I can’t even make the first Blucon/ xDrip connection. When I try on other mobile phone (Huawei with Android 7/8), everything works.

I performed all operations according to github. com, etc…, but reconfiguration of Bluetooth parameters does not exclude an error. Of course reinstalling to the old xDrip app does not help.

Had the problem even after I set a new sensor and new battery in Blucon.

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Not sure if thus helps… I use xDrip with dexcom, as do many others here.

But found this in github, might be helpful:

Hi, I was having problems with NightRider Blucon BT connecting to xDrip. Very intermittent. Started good then intermittent, then stopped. Indicated blucon battery was 100% in xDrip app. Used with my Blu X2 phone Android 6. Thought it was my phone, so used my old Blu Studio 7 phone running Android 5, but was the same thing. Finally popped out and checked the CR2032 battery voltage and it was at 2.9V. Put in a new Sony 2032 (3.29V.

Then the xDrip app initially couldn’t find the Blucon on a BT scan. So I pressed the Blue con reset with the pin and it appeared in xDrip BT scan, put in the code and it connected on and started giving values right away.

So looks like the Blucon NightRider battery indication is not working as it reads 100% all the time in xDrip even with a low battery. Not sure if that’s a Nightrider SW issue or if the xDrip app somehow displays the same value.


I found a while ago that it was better to have a phone that won’t update the os. I ended up with a ZTE maven 3, which is not getting any updates ever.

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Thanks for starting with an interesting topic.

Thank you friends on diabetes!))) MM2, I read this post on github. Not my situation. This is actually the new Bluetooth protection on Android 9. I solved the problem of installing xDrip on an old phone (Android 7), and then through the nightcout do the distribution of information to other devices.


Sam, hi! Thank you! Nice to meet you, too! I am 37 years old and diabetes put me at 14. I live with my family and two charming children in Russia, Krasnodar. With diabetes I cope with Accu-Check combo and freestyle Libre + blucon + xDrip + nightscout

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