Online multiplayer games for families

Has anyone come across any online games that are family friendly that people can play remotely? By remotely I mean people in different parts of the country or in different countries playing the same game at the same time via the internet.

I played one with my family over Thanksgiving and the website was jackbox.TV They had a variety of family-friendly games that were actually quite fun.

I would love to hear if anybody else has other great suggestions for the upcoming holidays.

Stay safe, stay sane, stay healthy. Happy Holidays all!


I will ask my niece ‘cos she plays a lot of these games. We’re gonna Zoom D&D over her Christmas break.


My wife and I met in a text-based medieval role-playing game called Dragonrealms in 1995. I still play it but she got bored with it and we now both play World of Warcraft which is graphical and fun.


Somehow I have an image popping into my head of medieval wedding garb at your nuptuals. Dude, you were ahead of your time finding a spouse on the internet in 1995! Should have patented the approach, you would be fantastically wealthy now.


Uhh, we actually did do that - in game. :smiley: