Online Canadian Pharmacy: Mark's Marine Pharmacy

Marks Marine Pharmacy is also a great place. Family-owned kinda feeling. I really like them. Cheaper insulin than you can get in the U.S., NovoLog and Humalog are about 1/6 to 1/10 of the cost! (Lantus is about 1/4)
Another A+.
Here is their website:

As of 6/2/2017

Basaglar, 5x pens -> $125 for 5
Lantus 5x pens ->$150
Lantus vial -> $100
Novolog, 5x pens -> $90 for 5
Novolog vial -> $48

Please note that the prices change often, and the swings are significant (sometimes advantageous, sometimes not).

This is not an endorsement or a suggestion you should buy anything from them :slight_smile:

Regular air mail shipping 2-3 weeks

Expedited shipping 1-2 weeks

What are your thoughts on having insulin sitting in uncontrolled and unknown climates for this long? This is what stopped me from using Canadian mail order pharmacies for years-- I didn’t remotely care that it was technically illegal but ‘tolerated’

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@Eric said it arrived in a small number of days. It may be that they warn about the worst, but that the average is much faster? I am waiting to see what happens for real. @MaryPat is planning to order some.

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The FAQ on their website makes it sound like it can also even take longer than I listed… all due to US customs they say… which matches what id been told in the past

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We won’t know until we try, I think! It will be interesting to see what different people report, if we have multiple people reporting.

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ill have to get a written rx on paper then I’ll do the same… actually my mom will be visiting next month I’ll just have her write it


This’ll be great if it works well… for $1000 or so any diabetic could immediately have a couple years supply of insulin for emergencies even outside of their normal prescribed and insurance controlled quantity


See if she can write you one for FIASP – Mark’s Marine carries it. One vial = $70, 5 pens = $110. This way you can tell us how fast it is.

What the FDA says about this:

"FDA, however, has a policy explaining that it typically does not object to personal imports of drugs that FDA has not approved under certain circumstances, including the following situation:

  • The drug is for use for a serious condition for which effective treatment is not available in the United States;
  • There is no commercialization or promotion of the drug to U.S. residents;
  • The drug is considered not to represent an unreasonable risk;
  • The individual importing the drug verifies in writing that it is for his or her own use, and provides contact information for the doctor providing treatment or shows the product is for the continuation of treatment begun in a foreign country; and
  • Generally, not more than a 3-month supply of the drug is imported."

Your serious condition is that you spike after eating carbs (duh), and, because of your job, you can’t prebolus before you eat.

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What does that mean? How would you provide the FDA written documentation when ordering directly from a Canadian pharmacy? Sounds sketchy

So for the FDA approved stuff there’s no limit to how much you can order?

I wonder if the rx can just say “novolog-- use as directed” or whatever and I can just order as many as I want? Could I order 50 boxes? Is there a 90 day limit on FDA approved stuff? If the rx says use 10 units daily can I only order the smallest increment above 900 available for a 90 day supply or does that no longer apply?

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I think you just give all the info to the pharmacy and they package it in the manifest, so it’s accessible to customs. I might try that if I can convince a friend of mine to write the rx.

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You can ask for an rx that gives a high quantity per month, that would work.

But the shipping only costs $20 – so maybe it’s not worth it. You are only saving $20 per 3 months of ordering that you package together.

It’s interesting because it looks like you can just order as many as you want, I don’t know how differently prescriptions are written and accepted in Canada. Wonder if it could just say “novolog— 15,000 units supply w/ 12 refills” or something. We need a Canadian on here

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Sorry, missed that part – I read in some other place where it said that the FDA closes its eyes for up to 3 months of supplies at a time.

Isn’t that the whole change with the new Supreme Court case? The FDA has always done this as far as I know^

When I read Mark’s Marine Pharmacy instructions it says they only ask for the prescription because the US requires it (well - that’s how I read it – maybe wrong). So I think it’s the US prescription form that counts.

Once I ordered something from them through SSB relay from somewhere in the Kiribatis, and they did not require a prescription – so I figure the prescription is really a US thing. But I could be wrong.

Yes. But how long will it take for them to apply the new ruling? Also, Prof Abbott and Prof Ouellette were listing some possible issues with packaging rules w FDA. I think safer if the prescription lists high amounts per month.

I’ll call and discuss it with them before I place an order… let us know how your guys’ order goes and what they needed in terms of verbiage for quantity and/or time duration of supply… would be great if it can just be written “novolog unlimited quantity” or something ultra vague so the only limits are my bank account…

Think I’ll wait on the fiasp until the picture becomes more clear or it becomes approved here

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Who did you talk to? 1-2 weeks? That was not my experience. Did you call them?

Maybe it’s different for Alaska.