Welcome, introduce yourself here!

@cardamom, Welcome to the best D-community everyone wishes they didn’t have to be a member of!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, indeed!

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! :smile:


Sounds like a pretty on the ball doc. I’ve been lucky to have a couple of endos who were not hesitant to have me take metformin, and later an SGLT-2 inhibitor (both off label for T1). It’s always nice to hear about a doc who really understands our disease.


@cardamom - Welcome and glad you’ve joined us!!

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Hi! I’m Kelsey, 24, and I live in central Illinois. I was diagnosed with type 1 about ten years ago. I am currently 36 weeks pregnant with my first. Being pregnant while t1d is hard and expensive! Thankful to have a diabetic community! :slight_smile: If anybody would like to follow my life on Insta, it’s @kelsploz <3


Hi Kelsey!
Glad you could join us!

Here is the thread I mentioned on TuD, about filling your own pens, which is cheaper:

And there are a bunch of threads on buying from Canada. @Michel keeps the FUD house in proper order, and he knows where all the Canadian pharmacy threads are, but here are a few:


If anyone knows all the threads on cheaper insulin, please share with Kelsey.


Hi Kelsey, welcome to the community!!! Congrats on your pregnancy, this is SO exciting! The births of my boys were such life-changing events for us:-)

I will be by a computer tonight and will gather all the cheap insulin threads in a single wiki post so you can access them all!


Welcome @kelsploz !!!


Welcome @kelsploz! Congratulations on your upcoming bundle of joy.

We have a T1 pregnancy expert over here @walkingthedragon88. Hopefully she’ll chime in.

See her post at Type 1 and pregnancy


Welcome! So excited for you!! My first little is almost 7 months now - times flies!! I hear you, it is expensive - I am still paying off the care and birth :open_mouth: I hope everything goes well during your last few weeks and excited to see pics! I blog at walkthedragon88.blogspot.com :slight_smile:


Welcome, Kelsey! So glad to have you with us, and congrats on being so close to welcoming your sweet baby! Do you have a CGM to help you?

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Thank you! I unfortunately do not have a CGM. Just a glucose monitor. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ll be paying off my doctor bills for quite some time for this pregnancy! lol, but it’s worth it. I’ll check your blog out! <3


Awesome, thanks so much!! :smiley:

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Welcome @kelsploz! If you are looking for cost saving ideas, this is definitely the right place to look.


Very nice to meet you, @kelsploz, and welcome! The best part about diabetes (the silver lining) is the great communities that exist out there and this is among the best in my biased opinion! :slight_smile:


Hi. Single Dad with T1 teenage daughter. A1C range in the 7’s and 8’s. ER diagnosis after she was critical. Manual injections for the first year. Switched to a pump. Added the Dexcom the next year but sometimes it gets worn and sometimes not. Currently switching to the Tandem X2. Very excited for the Tandem roadmap/upgrades and G5 integration. Enjoy listening about other’s experiments but not adventurous enough to try anything experimental or unsupported on my daughter. A handful of additional diagnoses. We go to a US nationally rated Hospital where she gets excellent medical care.

I would rather have real advice/conversation than it all just being RAH RAH RAH.


What is your current pump?

Animas Ping. We like it.

We have a very similar story. Critical at diagnosis, injections for first year, Tandem X2 after that. Dexcom, ours gets worn 95% of the time. My son (14) manages his care at this point, with input from his mom and I. A1c’s in the 7’s and 8’s, would like to have better control, but my son is in control at this point. Really like the X2.

Looking forward to the conversation.

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