Is it OK to order insulin from Canada?

Even though I gained decent insurance through the ACA over the last few years my wife and I are again without insurance for 2018. I could not afford the extra $1000 a month increase from BCBSofIL - going from $800 to $1800 a month. So, I’m looking for ways to survive sans insurance.

I am wondering if there are community members that have used Mark’s pharmacy successfully? This seem to be a good course of action to get me through this year but the thought of being visited by the feds kinda make me nervous. Thoughts?


@Arnolfo, there is a tolerance for ordering up to 3 months of medication at a time (although strictly speaking, it only applies to meds that aren’t available in the US). That’s what the FDA writes about border control enforcement, and I don’t know or have not heard of anyone that ran into trouble when ordering 3 months worth of medication at a time. If it was me, I would not hesitate.


@arnolfo Welcome to FUD!

I ordered FIASP from Marks Marine and it was a quick and efficient purchase. I’m not in jail, so it must be ok😉

It’s not easy being T1 with no insurance. I did it for a couple of years, but that was about ten years ago. I would absolutely use a Canadian pharmacy today if I had no insurance.


Thanks (Michel & Docs) for the encouraging replies. Well, there’s nothing I’m on that isn’t available here, but considering my circumstances this may be the right moment in time to give it a try. Will consider. Will report back if it works.

…Back to my (often neglected) winter exercise routine.


It’s not illegal, order away. Have heard nothing but praise for them. There are many other Canadian mail order pharmacies also— though I know more people on here who’ve used marks than others


@Arnolfo, Welcome!

When we went to Canada last year, we bought a bunch of insulin over the counter, and we brought it back. The customs agents inspected us and saw all the insulin we had but did not do anything.


Wish I lived a little closer to Canada. Honestly, I’d love to live in Vancouver but the home costs are crazy…


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Ok thanks

Hello! Did you need to provide a prescription while ordering from Mark’s marine? And did they ship the insulin to you here in the US?

I’m looking to buy refillable pens like luxura or novopen echo, even maybe humalog kwikpens but, I don’t know if there’s any issue I could run to.

Thank you for all the amazing job you do here!


@patrejo, welcome! Normally Mark’s asks you for a prescription for insulin (or other drugs), but not for pens :slight_smile:

They put a copy of your prescription in your order in case US customs wants to check it.


@patrejo As I remember they did require a prescription via mail order. But, even though I’m a dentist, they accepted my Rd and DEA number.

But I’m sure your (or any doc) could provide you with one. I’d offer, but my license expired last month (I’m retired :blush:).


Thank you so much! Congrats on being retired! :blush:


Thanks for the information!

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Are there any recommended pharmacies closer to the Midwest in Canada? The long distance from marks marine means more time to be effected by temperature.

enjoy your retirement doc. :sunny:

I use RX Counter Canadian Pharmacy. they’re in Richmond BC. they are wonderful and REALLY inexpensive.

their phone number is:

hope that this could help


I understand, I’m in the Midwest as well. I’ve ordered from Canada rx connection, located in Winnipeg mb for several years. Canada rx connection I had great results with them. You’ll want to call or email for insulin types and prices, since they have products not mentioned on the website, if I recall.

I’ve ordered from Mark’s for the last year or so, due to slightly cheaper prices and shipping is about the same, usually a week or slightly more. They also have a temp sensor in the shipment, which indicates if temps got above 77 degrees during shipment (WarmMark indicator, if you want to look into it).

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Thanks for the name, Daisy. I am hoping to find one closer to the midwest to cut down on the shipping time.

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