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As of 4/28/2017

No Basaglar

Lantus 5x pens -> $187 per 5
3x lantus 5x pens ->$162 per 5

Lantus vial -> $141
3x lantus vial -> $99

Novolog 5x pens -> $137 per 5
3x Novolog 5x pens -> $112 per 5

Novolog cartridges 5x -> $132 per 5
3x Novolog cartridges 5x -> $107 per 5

Novolog vial -> $80
3x Novolog vial -> $57

This is not an endorsement or a suggestion you should buy anything from them :slight_smile:

I’ve looked into Canadian mail order pharmacies years ago (and am somewhat confused by them being just now being celebrated as “legal” to ship to the USA here on this forum.). Northwest pharmacy was the particular one I looked at, and they were proudly advertising that they’ll coordinate your rx with your doctor and ship meds directly to you from Canada (this was in 2012)

I actually contacted them several times and they said that it takes 18-21 days for their shipments to clear USA customs… I wasn’t comfortable with my insulin sitting there unrefrigetated and in an unknown climate for that long and told them so, and they replied that they’d been doing it for years and years and had never had any problem…

So again I’m confused by the announcements of today, because when I looked into this pretty thoroughly in 2012 it was clearly an option and the only thing that stopped me from doing it then was my concerns about the long delays with customs in unknown temperatures

I don’t have much access to internet right now but what am I missing?

It was illegal. Now it is not.

It just seems like there must be more to it than that because as I mentioned NW Pharmacy was doing it as far back as “many years” before 2012 and were broadly advertising that they do it and processing their orders through US Customs… and also major news outlets aren’t even reporting it? I can’t really get online to research it out right now though…

It was still illegal! There was a"tolerance" where the customs wouldn’t go after you if it was no more than 3 months’ worth – but some of the time it would still be a problem. And Google picked up a fine of $500M for allowing them to advertise on search results.

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