UPDATE ON One Drop Service:

I have been using the service since February 2017.

Initially it was a great service and the posted review reflected that.

As of July and August the service has gone downhill. I did not receive strips in July, but was billed the monthly fee. The said they were having “carrier” problems and would send strips if I needed them. For heaven sakes I am a diabetic of course I need strips. No strips were forthcoming. As far as I know Fed Ex, UPS and USPS have continued to deliver mail and packages. So I don’t believe that excuse for one second.

I requested them again July 30th and none have shipped. Now they say they do not ship for 5-10 days after an order is placed and approved. Unacceptible. The guidelines when I signed up stated strips would ship the next business day after an order was placed.

I no longer recommend this service. It seems the only department working well is the billing department, they charge the card monthly, same date, same time without fail.

(I needed to vent. Sorry for the long post.)


Wow that is not good news. Hopefully, it was just some bureaucratic snafu, and everything they promised they continue to deliver.

Perhaps you can consider communicating this to its CEO, Jeff. Jeff is pretty active on Twitter. Jeff Dachis @jeffdachis

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I went ahead and sent Jeff a tweet message. Jeff just responded.


Hi there,

I work at One Drop, and would love to get you sorted ASAP. I am so sorry for the frustrating experience you’ve had so far, but I can rectify the situation for you immediately. I will overnight you strips today if needed :wink: I am having trouble finding you in our system, though, given the little information in this forum. Please send me a ticket via our support page and address it to me (Mary Elizabeth):

You can also email me directly at I will be on the lookout for your note, and look forward to getting more test strips out to you today! I really appreciate you reaching out on here to alert us to the issue and let us resolve it for you.

We did experience a major delay from our carrier which caused shipment delays on our end, as well as a backlog of strip orders, but we do have a normal 5-10 business day delivery time. Some people receive strips 1 business day after placing their order, while others may receive it 10 days later, which is why (to be safe) we disclose a 5-10 business day range. We hope to get that number down to 1-2 business days, and we will let you know once that changes :slight_smile:

Again, I am so sorry for the major delay and any lack of communication on our end. We do not want you to be in this kind of predicament. We are here for you, and will do whatever it takes to get you your strips ASAP. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Mary Elizabeth


Thank you so much for calling our attention to this!! We are always here & happy to help, whenever & however we can, so really appreciate you alerting us to this issue!


@literaturesnob18, also feel free to DM here if that’s easier!

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Hey @MaryEliz, welcome to the forum! I hope you will interact with our members here as needed when there are questions or issues about OneDrop, as you have just done!

I look forward to seeing you around. I found your interventions very useful and timely on other forums. I really hope you guys can succeed in providing a really good service to PWDs, since I personally feel you are adding value to the diabetes space – so here’s wishing you the best of luck. Hopefully we will see better reviews coming up when you reach cruising speed.

Of course, marketing posts would be a no-no :slight_smile:


@Michel, thanks so much for the welcome! Happy to connect on here :slight_smile: Super excited to see this forum live. I always love hearing from fellow PWDs, so thank you for creating this outlet! Please let me know if there’s anything we should be aware of on here - we are ready to jump in and tackle any problems we can at all times. And thanks for the kind words on One Drop - we are thrilled to be here!!! :grin:

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Update on problems with OneDrop.

I am happy to say that issues have been resolved. I did receive my strips quickly after ordering the last 2 times. The most recent order was shipped so fast I received it in 2 business days! My “no strips anxiety” is gone. :smiley:


I am glad to read that. I think OneDrop is a good direction for D, so I hope they succeed!