OneDrop users -- evals?

For all of those who used the onedrop meter and strips – can you summarize your evals on this thread?

  • Meter

  • Strips

  • App

I’ve been using OneDrop for a little over three months.

Meter: The meter is small, uses a very small drop of blood. Comparing it to my other meter, it is always within one or two points. I did have a few problems in the beginning, but I think that was because I was only applying a very tiny drop of blood. Once I was a little “more generous with the erythrocytes” that resolved. The meter does beep when enough blood has been drawn up into the strip. The results take 3 seconds and are lit, easy to see. The result transfers to phone via Bluetooth. If there are any problems, OneDrop staff do respond in a timely fashion. The meter can be purchased from Amazon for a slightly lower price.

Strips: They are delivered quickly. I have only had a few problems with the strips giving me an “error”. There were 10 bad strips in only one vial. I haven’t had any problems with any of the other bottles. OneDrop did send out a bottle of control solution. I have been using 300 strips per month, so I have only had 10 “error strips” out of 1300 strips, not bad in my opinion. Strips can only be obtained by subscribing to OneDrop. They now have a few different options available. Strips are ordered directly from the App.

App: I don’t have an iPhone. I have an android. The app downloaded easily and is very easy to navigate. You can add your medications and get reminders to take basal. Data is uploaded to phone via Bluetooth. There are interesting articles that you can view via WiFi within the APP. I found the articles interesting, and there are usually one or two per day. The app gives average BG’s over the day, 7 days, 30 days and so on. There is a food library where you can look up various foods and the nutritional content. You can download reports, but I haven’t figured that one out yet. It could be that I may not be able to do that because I don’t have an iPhone. You can use the APP and enter the data yourself. Data that you can add in addition to the BG’s (uploaded) are units of insulin given, Carbs consumed and Exercise minutes and intensity. There are “prompts” throughout the day if you want those, but you can turn that off if you prefer. CDE access is available through the APP as well as 12 lessons, if you select the Premium service. The CDE does respond to questions.
I don’t like the lancet device, and I don’t care for the case the meter, strip bottle and lancet come in either, but that doesn’t matter to me.

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GREAT review, thanks so much!

What is your other meter?

I actually have three meters. Relion Prime, Freestyle and Bayer Contour Next. I did the most “comparisons” with the Relion Prime, because those strips are the most affordable. The other two meters gave an equivalent reading the two times I compared with those. I am now exclusively using the OneDrop. .

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Your most welcome!

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