Omnipod 5 Loss of communication with pod

Has anyone else been having issues with the Omnipod 5 controller going off EVERY night, multiple times, to let me know that it hasn’t been able to communicate with my pod for 4 hours and is going to shut off? I’ve only had one actually shut down requiring new pod activation at 2am, but this is getting ridiculous! Still waiting for the iPhone app as well. Seriously, people, we are a year since you all said it was coming and where are we?


I have not had that exact problem but I did have a controller that had a brain cramp and got stuck on “Loading 11 of 22”. Insulet sent a warranty replacement. You should get them to send you a new controller, it does not sound like yours is working properly.

Go to the menu click on Reminders

Pod Shut-Off needs to be toggled off

I’m assuming your menu will look like the second pic. It needs to look like the first pic.

I accidentally turned this function on last month and was awakened with a 4am screaming pod.:rofl:


That’s what it was—thanks!

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