How to "take a break" from Omnipod 5 pods

Hello. I’m on the Omnipod 5 with the Android app and would like to know if there’s a way not to have the app alarm me if I have no pod activated. For example, if I run out of pods and have to wait a few days… or if I want to take an extended break from the pods to allow sites to recover/heal.

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I don’t know the app, but are you not able to close the app and turn off notifications when there is no active pod?

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I can close the app but I believe there are background services running that will alarm regardless of the actual app state. I did just look at the notifications for the app and there are a few categories of notifications/alarms that I can mess with. Was hoping there was an “official” way to do this rather than just disabling notifications. I guess it would be risky for Insulet to have this sort of functionality since it would potentially cause medical issues for folks who don’t know what they are doing.


If you are not using the app and don’t have a pod on, I think disabling notifications should work. Try it and see.

Sorry, I don’t have that pump so I’m just guessing on this. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Don’t believe there is. I fall back to pens or syringe short term when inconvenient to set up new pod. Haven’t found the slight boop every so often too distracting. You might call the Omnipod 24hr toll free customer service # to request a definitive strategy. I’ve found them helpful on other issues.

Chatted with them yesterday and after quite a bit back and forth came to the workaround that I could just disable the notification that comes up every few hours when there’s no pod present. So far so good.