Alarms/ notifications on Samsung won't turn off

Hi folks. Good to be here. So, I’ve been a t1d since 1978. Oh yes, I’ve seen many lows and highs. No need to get philosophical. However I just started the Omni pod 5 yesterday. I realize there’s a learning curve. My main issue or question revolves around alarms or notifications related to the omnipod 5 app. I bought a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra cell phone just to accommodate the Dexcom G6 and omnipod 5.

So, in the middle of the night after being awoken by some awful loud noise from the phone, I went to YouTube to find out how to disarm the notification on the phone. However I was not very successful. I found the basic ways to turn notifications on or off Etc. However I probably went to bed and was awoken by alarms three times within 6 hours. As I type this now I’m groggy as hell. So, is there someone out there with the same phone setup who knows how to turn notifications off on the phone at night time or at all? Please believe I know why the notifications are there and I frankly don’t give a damn. I need a night’s sleep or all this blood sugar control is for not. Please help.

I’m assuming the alarms are from the Dexcom app on your Samsung. If not, disregard this…
You can definitely personalize the alarms. There’s a few ways. You can set up a scheduled alarm setting, and go through all the individual alarms, decide what is important to have on at night. Just go in to the settings on the dexcom app, and scroll down.
You can turn off the “always on” option. Then turn on “do not disturb” on your Samsung.

I change my settings for night. I do not want to be woken up most nights, so I use the dex to track and correct nights later…

Hope this helps.
I can walk you through it better, if you need…

Sorry, I just reread your post. Looks like you’re looking for help with turning alerts from Omnipod off. I’m not any help there. But I’m sure plenty of others can help!

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Just in case it’s not as easy as changing your settings.

Dexcom has not kept up with updating their ap to all the phones or the updates. I bought an iphone 13 Pro Max with the latest updates on it and I wouldn’t always get the alerts. About 10% of the time it wouldn’t alert. So when Dexcom came out with their update I went ahead and downloaded that. Big mistake because the system that Dexcom decided to start using, probably because it was easiest was Apples critical alert system which is supposed to be used for the once in a while weather event etc… not constant all day never to be muted again. If it goes off it will shut off an alarm or the timer if they happen at the same time, go off in the middle of phone calls, middle of an appointment. I have mine set in a very narrow range so it goes off easily to let me know what’s going on. I used to have a banner that came up and then went away. Now I have a banner that wants to be acknowledged, noises and interrupts whatever I am doing. And sometimes mine still doesn’t alert at all lol.

You can complain to Dexcom. They tell you it’s Apple’s doing in the iphone’s case, but it’s not as it’s the route Dexcom used. Some people don’t have issues, maybe it’s their specific phone or what update is on their phone. But lots do, Enough complaints that Dexcom has addressed the issue on their site saying complain to Apple.

In my case, it has nothing to do with settings. The only solve is turning off alerts completely and then it won’t let you use the Dexcom ap at all saying turn back on critical alerts. But they turned every single alert into a critical alert. I did get rid of the ap and re downloaded it and at least now I can touch the banner and it goes away instead of always taking me to the Dexcom ap. Better at least.

But you might be running into the same thing with your new Samsung phone.

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I appreciate your msg. Yeah, its the omniopod5 blare im guessing. I’d rather turn off any notification for anything at night. I really don’t need any kind of man-made device telling me to do something when I’m trying to sleep. Thankfully, I can sense low blood sugars in the middle of the night. Also, the Dexcom occasionally can’t find a signal and alarms the phone which is another conundrum. I’d rather just turn the notifications off all together.

Marie, I’m glad you messaged. I wanted to get the latest iPhone. However, the Dexcom nor the omnipod 5 would work with iPhone. It was either this or that for several phones including iphone. It’s a head scratcher why old phones can be used for the omnipod 5 yet not anything new or popular. In truth I wanted a newer Google pixel thinking that would be a secure phone that’s strong and fast, etc. I learned the hard way I couldn’t get what I wanted. The Samsung Galaxy S21 is a pretty decent phone though it’s a couple years out. Hoping I can get three to four years out of this thing. If I can get the notification silenced during the night I will be stoked. If not im going to be frustrated. These manufacturers should make CGM and Insulin pumps the same way auto manufacturers design airbags; I have it so the consumer can decide if they want the notifications on or off. It should not be a forced decision, right.

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For the Dex alarms with my S9, I can put on Do Not Disturb, and change the “always on” option in Dexcom app if I really need to not be bothered by it. And I’ll completely turn off the signal loss alarm in Dexcom app at bedtime. Not sure if you have that option.
I know my phone is older, and more basic, so maybe there’s different settings on yours.
Hopefully one less alarm waking you will help at least a bit.

@James Not sure I understand the comment, I’ve got an iPhone 14 (not pro or +, just 14) and it works fine with Dexcom G6 and know of others that use it with the G6 just fine. Perhaps I’ve misunderstood and you meant something eles? I know it there’s no app for the Omnipod 5 with iPhone yet and that is truly a “head scratcher;” there’s no excuse for Insulet to have O5 this long with no iPhone compatibility…where the “Omni” part?

No worries, @TomH. The first day with the omnipod 5 and Samsung Galaxy S21 was challenging because of the notifications from the phone. After several YouTube videos and messing around I found out how to turn all of my notifications off overnight. This is enhanced my experience greatly. Now I’m just waiting for the omnipod 5 to learn my lousy control.

At the moment I can run the omnipod 5 and Dexcom G6 on my phone. This is better than I’ve ever experienced because I don’t need a bunch of Gadgets in my pocket. One place for everything. Also, it is intuitive. I really appreciate not being tethered to the tandem pump.

I imagine in time newer phones will become available with pairing purposes. I may jump to iPhone or Google pixel when the company is decide if so. Good luck!

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