Novolog waiting game

My Novolog has been on backorder for 1 week with CVS and they have no estimated delivery. 4 other CVS pharmacies in my area don’t have it.

Fortunetly I have several months of extra but another reason to hoard insulin.

Not sure if it is a CVS problem or a broader Novolog problem.


Lemme know if you need any!


Found this


I also recently had a long (10 day) wait to get my Novolog from CVS! They told me they had been trying to order it every day but it just wasn’t coming in.

I did finally get it & I also have a reasonable extra supply but I don’t love that Novo Nordisk had such issues with providing insulin stock in the first place… I get that the supply chain can easily get screwed up but it just makes me a little nervous.


That is scary on the Novalog shortage! Is it only an American thing? I’m in Canada, where while we pay less for our juice of life ($40-50 :canada: vial) … because I pay out of pocket … I don’t stock like due to $$$. Freedom 65 maybe that will change since at that point some of my Pharmacare will be mostly covered after being a working stiff for almost 50 years. Though I doubt I’ll retire :rofl: since I’ve been at it since age of 16, but it’ll be a nice treat.


Regarding medication shortages in general, it seems quite a few large manufacturers will intermittently stop production. So there are “rolling” shortages. And then sometimes they get caught with their pants down. I haven’t delved into the reasoning behind this yet.
The ashp website is much more up to date than the FDA’s, so I’ll be checking there periodically.


Seems so. I just checked Canada’s mandatory drug shortage and discontinuation reporting website and there’s nothing listed for Novolin or NovoRapid. But if the shortage ever does come here, you could try switching to Admelog (a Humalog biosimilar). I’m loving it way more than Humalog, the Novos or Fiasp.

I figure if the pharmacare thing happens – and from what I hear, diabetes meds are top of the list for coverage – it’ll come into effect right around my 65th, when prescriptions get covered anyway in my province. 56 years too late! But nice to know so many others will benefit.


Novolog is on back order here at Walgreens in Tennessee also for 2 weeks now.
I have been using my stash up due to insurance problems every 3 months. I’m on Medicare and can’t quite figure the problem out. Walgreens says it Medicare and doctor. Medicare says all is fine. Doctor says it’s Medicare and Walgreens. I’m so confused!!!

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Try a small pharmacy. It’s always good to work with one. They can often get things cvs does not because they aren’t bulk ordering

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Are you talking about a local cvs or mail order? I’ve been using cvs Caremark mail order (my plan requires me to for long term stuff) and I haven’t had any issues

@Sam I think @Varvara75 is referring to a small independent pharmacy due to the “bulk ordering” comment. I’ve found most of the CVS/Walgreen types are all about the same size. Seems to make sense.

I was referring to the CVS stores in my area. My plan allows for either store or caremark mail-order for long-term prescriptions.

It was on backorder for 10 days. First time I ever Ihad an issue with insulin.

On a side note they did have Dexcom G7 available for immediate pickup. Usually Dexcom G6 required 1 or 2 days.