The struggle to get Admelog

Admelog is the only mealtime insulin covered on my plan, it’s free, so of course if I had to I could switch to regular but that’d be no fun and cost more. Basaglar is the only long acting covered, but that seems readily available.

I switched to CVS because I got an extra care card for there from my insurance and they seem to like CVS on my medicaid plan. Thought maybe they’d have a bigger stock of Admelog since I had to go out of my way at a walgreens to get it. Walgreens also has been a controversial pharmacy with denying people meds lately being big news.

Nope. I have to get it ordered. Apparently no one else gets it there, hard for me to believe, but walgreens told me that too. Only the one that was a bit out of the way I went for it said yeah we have a bit of stock of it. If all else fails I guess I gotta stick to Walgreens , I really don’t wanna since they’ve been kinda rude lately other than the nice pharmacist that helped me get admelog in the first place. May have to switch AGAIN :frowning: .

Seriously is anyone else on the Admelog struggle bus? What pharmacy do you use? Have you had luck overall at getting it any time?


My thinking is Admelog is a new insulin so getting it anywhere will be difficult.

For example, I use Fiasp which is a recently introduced insulin. My pharmacy (I live in Canada so it is not relevant :slight_smile: ) did not stock Fiasp, but they usually could get it shipped in for the next day from their supplier.

Now, because I use it all the time, they keep an extra box in their fridge but if I want two boxes they have to order in.

I think you will just be stuck with ordering it in wherever you go, until more people start using it.

How long do you have to wait for an order?

I usually have extra insulin supply in my fridge so waiting a few days or a week does not bother me.


i got it next day, but that’s silly when I coulda got humalog , novolog, apidra, or even fiasp that day. It’s annoying as hell.

I have a similar issue with CVS and levoxyl (thyroid). I may be the only person that gets it there, so they do not stock it. It always takes an additional day to get in.

Sometimes my 3 month quantity of Novolog takes an additional day too. Same issue when I ordered freestyle Libre.

My complaint is their system confirms my pickup date, but when I get there, then they tell me it won’t be ready until next day. So I now know to wait an additional day.

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