NovoLog Vial Availability Issues

Hey all:

Just a headsup, this week I have been struggling to locate NovoLog vials. Express Scripts (my usual delivery pharmacy and PBM) expects to be out of stock until at least 5/30/2024 so I transferred my Rx to my local Safeway* pharmacy (the only real option within a 50mile radius), and they were also out of stock and unable to source more.

Ultimately I ended up snagging 4 vials because someone else released them back to the Safeway pharmacy (very tragically I infer this means someone was unable to pay and therefore the vials, which had been assigned to them, came back into play). I just happened to be the person who called the pharmacy that morning, got told to check back after the truck came, then called back at 4pm as instructed asking if more vials came in on the truck today. They had not. But the tech very kindly told me to hold and rummaged in the back for me and said he had found the four lone vials, and that he would hold them for me if I could come in today. Never one to squander a bird in the hand so Mara and I hopped in the car and headed into town to claim them.

Anyway tl;dr be aware that there are supply problems with NovoLog vials, at least in my area (Washington state) and the supply issues are expected to last 5-7 weeks. My understanding is that this is a ripple effect from last month’s HumaLog shortage, which increased demand for NovoLog. NovoLog pens are still available but vials are on backorder. Anyway be aware and talk to your provider if you may need a different Rx during this period!

*If your insurance (like mine) has different rules for retail fills vs delivery etc, most of them have a number you or the pharmacist can call to override the extra charges under the circumstances.


I dunno, but maybe you can check your mailbox. Sometimes they show up there.


I dug around a bit more and it appears this is an “intermittent” shortage that is relatively localized. Not a ton of info though, just that there are supply hiccups in some places.

You’re advised to call Nordisk at 800-727-6500 for most up to date information on their products.


I think it was the JDRF site, but might have been ADA, that someone posted about both Humalog and Novolog shortages at Lily and Novo with copies of both orgs responses. Both orgs denied any complicity of action, but both noted supply shortages from their manufacturers…of course they both happen to be both the name on the label and the manufacturer, so I thought the responses seemed just a little self-serving. The Novo response indicated they had notified the FDA of potential a few months back…can’t help but wonder how they knew that was going to happen, but I am a “doubting” Thomas…but they didn’t expect it to last more than couple or few months.


I’m not a doubting Thomas so much as I am a suspicious b**** :rofl::+1: so I am right there with ya. Sure looks like a game of pass-the-buck with the proffered explanations but what do I know. Regardless hope it is resolved soon.


I get the generic Insulin Aspart from Amazon Pharmacy on occasion. No insurance, $50 per vial out of pocket.

Not sure if you have to be a Prime member or not (I am).

I used my FSA card for additional savings, got a few extra vials last year, in case anything happened while I travelled internationally.

Literally the same as Novolog, made by Novo factories themselves, in the same exact colors/labels. Only the printed name is different.

The Rx must be sent to them as “Insulin Aspart” from your Dr.

It’s a great way to get an emergency supply into your fridge. My Dr spread the word to her other patients about this option.


Other diabetic friends reporting Humalog also in short supply – having to call other pharmacies to check whether it’s in stock, or having to wait for updated deliveries to have their prescriptions filled. What a hassle.


Insulin shortages … that is the one thing over which I would lose sleep when I think about my son’s future. Not just a hassle, but actually scary. I just ordered new Humalog (located in California) with no problem. Didn’t even realize there was a shortage. If anyone ever needs an emergency Humalog, I’ll mail you a vial if we can spare one.


This is why we hoard.


Ha, indeed. And we do that, too.


My Novalog refill has been on backorder since April 13th.

I also hoard.


Consider Fiasp vials, ask Dr for Rx. It is supposed to be quicker acting, but I’ve not found it markedly so after changing from Novolog with Omnipod 5 patch pump.