Nightwatch on Android 9.0: BG Alarm problems


For the past many weeks I have tried to debug alarm problems on Nightwatch (and Dexcom Follow btw). @TiaG pointed me at Nightwatch in two different threads. The one that stuck was This one.

I am somehow unable to set the default Snooze for an alarm when I set one up, and always have.

When I click on the default Snooze in BG Alert settings, I get a scroll down popup with a Cancel but no Accept. If I scroll to a different snooze duration from the default two hours, it displays the keyboard below, with a checkmark. But nothing works to make the new number stick. If I use the checkmark on the keyboard, it just removes the keyboard and leaves the scroll down popup hanging on the screen. I am scratching my head. This is on Android 9.

Any thoughts? Are you able to change the default Snooze in an alarm setting?

This long 2hr default just bit me. I don’t have a memory of hitting the snooze button but here I am, 2 hours into a high alarm.



I am going to ask Mitch tonight after work…it’s all on his phone so I can’t really fiddle with things.

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