OneTouch UltraMini vs Contour Next (One?): Lab Draw Challenge 2019

Someone’s going down here, and I can’t wait to see who… not that I’m not pretty sure already…

The meter values:
Test 1:
OneTouch: 114
Contour: 70

Test 2:
OneTouch: 107
Contour: 75

Test 3:
OneTouch: 114
Contour: 70

Extras (sensor values):
G6: 65
Guardian: 71 (go ahead, Guardian!)
Libre: 74

Is it bad if I drop a little One of these things is not like the others allusion?? Funny or too controversial?? I’m trying to be funny…

I’ll update when I get my lab result for anyone who’s interested…

Oh, and I’m going home to do a CVS home a1c just to see how that lines up. Too much excitement for a Tuesday morning…


Do you really wear all three sensors at the same time? What kind of cyborg are you? btw, my guess is that your blood draw glucose will come back at 73


The OneTouch always gave me super crappy readings. I’d trust the contour much more.


I’ve been known to roll like that, yes. :grin: Actually, I put back in the Guardian only to check out the updated transmitter (word on the street is it’s a dream machine), and I put the Libre on for fun.

  1. I think that might be a little shy… so 68-69. My Contour is usually a hair high.

I’m gonna be mad if it comes back 73… :thinking:


I know there are people who get good results with it, but I’m definitely not one. Even with that being true, three scores like that… that’s insane.

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Is it?

OneTouch Verio?

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OneTouch UltraMini

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Oh, @Nickyghaleb, these tests show you have become so totally FUD!


Darn… Was hoping it was a verio, so would add more support to my verio joke…"seems as though "verio"is a good name, since it seems to “verio” all over the place…



@Nickyghaleb - the suspense is killing me…


I’m actually surprised all but the OneTouch are so close! Thanks for this!


@Nickyghaleb, when is your blood test result due?

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Second, or third? That responce.

Precise or accurate


So… Of course this is how this would go… but it turns out my endo didn’t “add glucose levels” to the lab request— only a1c. I’ve never had that happen before where I’ve had an a1c done and not received a blood glucose value from the lab draw. So I’ve got nuthin, @Aaron. Sorry. :confused:

The only thing I do have is that it turns out that my CVS Health At Home A1c Test Kit was .4 off from my lab a1c. Surprised me… I’ve never had one be more than .1 off before. However, I also usually use the A1c Now brand— so I think I’ll order some more of that brand from now on.

So I guess it’s mission failed. We’ll get em next time. :roll_eyes: Sorry again.


Man, I was hoping to be right for once. Oh well, will have to wait until next year.

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You were 68 at the time of the draw. Just in case you were wondering.


And the winner of the Most Inappropriately Named Product of the Year award goes to…