Dexcom in Android: do NOT upgrade to Android 9 Pie



I upgraded inadvertently 2 days ago to Android Pie with a pure Android phone (Moto G4 with Google Fi), and lost all Dexcom Follow alarms for good. No solution in sight until Dexcom qualifies a new version of the app. Since they need to get it approved it may take months.

So now I have to switch to an iPhone to monitor my kid at night. I am really unhappy. Don’t do this.


Do you use NightWatch? My husband uses that and the alarms are actually more robust and consistent than the Dexcom Follow alarms for us at least.


We are still on the Dexcom train so far, primarily because, while we are traveling abroad, we have so many moving parts that we decided to use some standards as well. But I am second guessing myself on this one right now :frowning:


I’m not sure if you mean the same thing? I don’t mean NightScout, I mean NightWatch? My husband has Dexcom Follow & Nightwatch on his phone. It’s just an app that just helps with alarms. I don’t think it’s available for iPhone but it often wakes me up when Dexcom follow is MIA.



If you wanted Nightscout, you can set it up to read data directly from Dexcom Share. That’s how my Nightscout site is running currently.


Thanks so much for the redirect: I thought you had to run xDrip with it—but you don’t. I just downloaded it and will test it in the next few days.

Is there a way to program a “no signal alarm” in any way? There may be a trick to it that I am not finding?


I do know that when there’s no data my husband’s alarm does sound. I can ask him later on what he has done. His phone is with him right now so I can’t test.


FWIW, I use the Dexcom app, distributed thru reddit (the play store permissions have been removed) and I run Pie with no issues, including follow. My spouse also runs. Pie and follow with no issues.


That is great info, thanks. I will try that also.


I figured it out! The is a special “other alarms” category under settings, rather than under the main BG Level Alerts category in the main menu.