Disturbing alarm failures on Android Dexcom Follow App

For 8-10 weeks we have seen significant issues with the reliability of alarms in the Android Dexcom Follow App.

I use a modern Android phone (Moto X4). I have had numerous instances at night, the primary time when I use alarms, when I have had no alarms ringing on data loss. I have been the witness, during the day, of muffled alarms failing on the very first ring: the ring starts and immediately stops.

For instance, last night I should have been woken up by a data loss alarm every 30 minutes, using the Alarm Clock Long alarm sound, a very long and loud alarm. Yet I was instantly woken up at 6:40 by a very feeble timer alarm app.

As I mentioned earlier, I have heard, in day time, while awake, a regular Alarm Clock Long alarm muffle out and die on the very first ring. I have seen directly how it can fail. I suspect that, for some reason, the data loss alarm fails more.

This is, of course, quite disturbing. I have now decided to restart my phone every night just in case it solves the issue. But I am concerned.

FYI, my Dexcom app gives me, as all my phones have for about a year, a periodic screen saying that the app has never been tested on my actual phone model.

As note, I only use long and loud Dexcom alarms.

get the NightWatch alarms:
My husband has those alarms on his phone; i rely on them as I’ve found my Dexcom alarm is completely unreliable on my iPhone as well. Believe me, they don’t go away unless you silence them; he will sleep through them for hours while I’m poking him and saying “turn it off! I already treated his low!!”
Otherwise I keep my laptop with NightScout open. The alarms are very annoying and do not let me sleep through them. Plus we enabled the smart WiFi siren.


I don’t ever hear my phone. :frowning: Either the G5 mobile app alarms, or the follow app alarms. I’ve given up on it…our main sound we rely on to wake us up is coins in a metal bowl with the receiver laying on top of it. My iPhone sounds are a joke. I tried finding an app that could amplify the iPhone volume, but can’t find anything suitable.

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