Dexcom,Yuk and Double Yuk

Now I am just livid with Dexcom. My iphone 13 pro with the latest ios is not supported. It sometimes didn’t alert, so I went ahead and updated it with the latest Dexcom ap version. But with the latest update they have something called critical alerts that comes up on your alerts and won’t go away until you tap the screen. Whether you are on your phone or playing a game. A big banner that hides part of your screen. I turned off my alerts it was so annoying. You are supposed to be able to have banners be temporary, nope… you are supposed to be able to turn off banners…nope. You have to turn off everything and get no alerts, it’s all or nothing. So I dug out my iphone 8 which had the older version on it. Cool I had my old system back. As of tonight it now says I must update it for it to work…no readings at all. So they are forcing the screwy update on us, no matter what. That’s all I want, everything is labeled a critical alert now and interrupts everything you are doing. I am so mad at Dexcom now. This disease is hard enough without us being able to decide what alert system we want on OUR phone.


Marie, I feel and understand your frustration. I have had many nights wishing the alarm settings were different. If you want some more control, you could always go with Xdrip+ I believe that you can completely control the alarms with this tool.

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Yep, I got the same thing today.

I’m guessing they pushed something out to the app to tell it to no longer work.

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@Chris First, I am not computer literate, lol. I went through the whole step of setting up NightScout and it wasn’t that easy for someone that doesn’t always understand what they are talking about. Several times I had to try to dig up information on what they meant. I finally got all 3 systems set up and they supposedly were ready to go but the last step it wouldn’t connect. NightScout then gives you where to look with what error code you got… and then it became technical and beyond what I have a clue about. A few days later I completely tried to erase the accounts etc thinking one of these days I will try from scratch again. It also took almost a couple of weeks for the response to join the help group and by then I had closed the accounts.

I got a notice from Heroku they are going to start charging monthly? So I think I will go the TPal route and pay them a monthly fee to handle and set it up lol… I think they do everything with a few questions, at least hopefully they do.


I bought a 13 pro last month because Dexcom said it was finally supported. I don’t play games though and dont mind swiping off the alert. It’s been working well and I’ve gotten all alarms. I do accidentally close the app all the time because I’m a new iphone user but the alarm for that works too.

Today I did get a screen that said there were some issues with newer ios and to be prepared for the app not to work properly? I didn’t save the screen so this is from memory? I’m a little worried for nights cause I’m on Omnipod 5 and can not use my receiver for alarms. Plus I run in manual mode overnight and rely on alarms to keep this safe.

I hope this gets resolved quickly otherwise I’ll have to put dexcom on my old phone and carry two phones plus a Omnipod receiver with me everyday and feel like a real dork.


@Josie It’s possible if it’s connected to your Omnipod 5 you might be okay? Tandem users have said that the Tandem is controlling the alerts so it is working fine? But my iphone 13 pro max with the newer ios that came with it never did work completely right. So I did just want to warn you about that. That’s the only reason I updated it in the first place is it would go in streaks of not alerting me. About 10% of the time? I wake up to lows, so it wasn’t a big issue. But one night I trended low and woke up and on the screen I had been low for hours and never a peep. And another night I turned everything on because I knew I had been fighting lows and not one peep, but I kept waking up to being low. It’s just random and still is with the update.


@Marie re Nightscout, I’m in a similar boat. I had a site working, then updated it on Heroku whereupon it promptly borked. I started a new one. It borked.

Now I pay a service run by one of the architects of Nightscout. I rarely if ever have a service outage and if I do, it’s measured in minutes not hours. Worth every penny to not pull my remaining hair out. Btw, the service is tax deductible as a medical expense if you itemize.


@elver You don’t need to download anything? They handle it? Or do you need something like xdrip still?

I think that is what I have to do. The xdrip for iphone you have to wait for a spot to come up or download a foreign app which they said is legit,or pay for a premium apple account which I’m willing to do, but supposedly setting the xdrip is then complicated soooo…

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OMG, I just observed this new “feature” today! Even if you have the app closed, you still get alerts.

I mean, I saw from the original post @Marie’s comment about how it pushed alert banners no matter what you were doing on your phone, but I just assumed that once you closed the app it would no longer alert you.

But apparently, even if you don’t have Dexcom running on your phone, it is still running!?!? And you still get the alerts.

Found this out this morning while on my way to church. I had the app closed, but it still beeped a low BG. I did not want that happening while in church, so I went into settings and turned off notifications. That got the app to actually “close”.

So now, for me closing the app means turning off the alert in the settings. Ridiculous.


Wait until it hangs up the phone on you, if the timing is just right. Either that or blaring sounds while you are on the phone. That I have to go in and turn off the ap in settings to make sure I’m not interrupted is ridiculous. My life is better now having to keep adjusting settings when before I could just mute?

This is Dexcom’s answer to me BTW.
“Thank you for reaching out! We understand the issue some Users are experiencing with Critical Alerts and while we work to assess a solution, you do have the option to turn off your “Always Sound”. This will stop the overriding of the mute/DND. To turn off Always Sound in Settings > Alert settings. Always Sound turns notifications into Critical Alerts because Critical Alerts (by Apple) are the only way we can override Mute/DND. Another option you may find helpful to stop the alerts is to choose “Vibrate Only” per alert. We do appreciate you letting us know as our Product team is taking customer feedback to find a better a solution with Apple alerts to be less intrusive. Hope this helps! You may also find this FAQ helpful:”

Also under the FAQ, they are blaming Apple and saying to complain to Apple about their critical alerts, which is ridiculous. Apple’s critical alerts is for flood warnings etc that happen in a blue moon type of thing, not an override that basically we hear probably a few times a day, every day. That Dexcom chose that route because it was easiest to write code or ? it is all on Dexcom.


@Marie Nightscout is its own program, separate from XDrip. T1Pal will handle the Nightscout problem (seeing your data in the cloud). XDrip requires a download and an install on your Android cellphone. It has a few quirks but once set up works very well.

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I have to believe it will only be a week or two before “modified” version will land on Reddit

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@elver Yes, but do you get some kind of separate app with Nightscout to use with it? I have an iphone not a android. I’m just wondering what I end up using with the NightScout set up. I want an alternative to the Dexcom app.

It’s trickier to use an iphone for xdrip. It’s not a simple download. I wish.

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Nightscout doesn’t have an “app”.

  • You can access it through any browser as it is not operating system specific ( eg Android or IOS).

+Anyone with the correct web address could access the info (there are ways to keep it private - another reason I now use T1Pal).

  • You have all the same reporting features as Dexcome and more (I can send you a link to mine if you wish to DM me @Marie )

  • It’s similar but not the same and definitely not an app. My wife runs it as a background browser tab at work with the alarm enabled on low so she can keep track of me at work. This in addition to the XDrip alarms she gets.


Thank You @elver I think that’s what I needed to know. XDrip was originally made for Android and now they have a system in place for iphone, but you have to wait for an opening on testflight,or use the shuggah app which is a foreign countries access program. Or you can pay for a premium account on Apple, but go through some work to set it up that is supposed to be a little complicated. Probably not easy for someone not use to that type of thing.

I had done the NightScout directions to only have it fail at the last step in connecting. Then it becomes more complicated to figure fix !

So TPal sounds like the best route, I just wasn’t sure whether I needed something like XDrip to use it. So thanks for information! TPal sounds exactly like what I need!

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