New to dexcom and xdrip

I’ve tried all of the different options, have removed and reinstalled the app numerous times,with the same result. It seems to work for a few readings then get the same errors or signal loss.

i am new to the forum and i hope i have not posted this in the wrong place. i didn’t know where to start.
last thursday i got my first CGM, a dexcom G5 and it hasn’t been working well at all. i think that my next step is to replace the thingy that sticks onto my belly with a new one and see if that helps. it has been putting out bg readings that don’t match what my meter says at all. it tried to tell me i was very low when i wasn’t, and, more recently, it has put out numbers that are as much as 40 points higher that what my trusty meter says. tomorrow i will phone my diabetes nurse and see what she has to say. i guess i should be calling dexcom support but kind of dread it due to the reports on this forum of how difficult they can be. i’m curious though as to what anyone here has to say about the crazy readings i am getting. especially folks with experience.

You should never let anybody else’s experience talk you out of calling manufacturer support.

If you think it would be helpful to call Dexcom Technical Support then do so.

It seems to be near universal that people are more apt to post about negative experiences with any customer support than they are to post positive experiences. Call and find out what your experience is.


I agree with @Thomas. The only way you’ll know is to call yourself. I have never had a problem calling in to Dexcom and have found them friendly and helpful. This doesn’t mean I’ll never have a bad call or that they won’t be bad from here on out, but they’ve been great so far. I could probably come up with some theories about your crazy numbers, but in reality, a call might result in a replacement. A call can also be very informative if you’re new to CGMs to begin with. In fact, telling them such might give them a chance to highlight some common problems that more experienced users have no interest in hearing.

Just a thought. :woman_shrugging:


@rscott1972 FWIW there are jailbroken “official” Dexcom apps on Reddit that only have the Play store permissions removed, otherwise they are the same app. Personally I had initial issues with XDrip but finally got it sorted out. I’m on Android 10 and G5. The battery saver being turned off eliminated all my location services errors. Also in the phone settings I allowed XDrip full permissions. I rarely have an issue now.

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@elver Thanks for the info. I haven’t tried to download and install Xdrip in a few days. I may try it again. I did find a download of dexcom app that is working. The little time xDrip worked, I feel like I would like it better than dexcom’s software. I’m hoping there is an update to the xDrip software that will allow it to work.

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thanks for the solid advice. now the G5 will only display “Loading” when i press the button. i will indeed phone the support folks today. i think i have a lemon on my hands.

Thanks for sharing
I have a question regarding pairing the dexcom g6 with xDrip, after pairing can we pair other 2 android phones to get live GS readings from the main phone which is with the child

Welcome to FUD @drgymnast!

Whay you want to do is make a sync group, with the child’s phone as the master.

Just install xDrip+ on the other Android phones. Then go back to the master phone and go to settings>show settings qr code. Then back at the follower phone’s go to settings>Auto configure, and scan the qr code on the master.

Then go to settings>xDrip+ sync settings and make appropriate choices for each particular phone.

Now you’ll be able to see the exact same data on each individual phone. Just make sure the master phone is always has wifi coverage or data coverage.

Good luck!

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Thanks alot

@drgymnast Anytime you need some help with xDrip just ring me up with my username.

Take some time to go through all the settings. You’ll be amazed at what it can do.