New Dexcom Issue

I was disappointed to find out that Dexcom would no longer be using expedited shipping for faulty equipment after being informed of a shortage.

Perhaps this is a new strategy for “delivering shareholder value” at the cost of patients’ health.


Wow, that is a big change. They told you that they could not expedite a sensor replacement?

Sad if true. My last replacement sensor was shipped normal business speed, but I didn’t inform them of any shortage.

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I got replacement last week, normal ship time, but I had another sensor on hand too.


In the past it seemed that expedite was standard whereas this one they said flatly that it was going to be normal speed for the sensor and transmitter after I told them this was my last one.

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One major reason to restart sensors. To get a back up supply so you don’t have to worry when replacements come. I also bought an extra transmitter from Costco for $159 that I rotate so I have a back up of that too.