New CGM announced: SugarBeat

Happy about this coming about.


I gave your link a new topic to itself :slight_smile:

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I like the FAQ section on their website:

"SugarBEAT® is a glucose trending device designed to help all persons with diabetes and pre-diabetics to better manage their glucose levels.

SugarBEAT® can additionally be used as an adjunctive glucose monitoring device by insulin using persons with diabetes when calibrated by a finger stick reading.

SugarBEAT® will be significantly cheaper than other glucose monitors and comparable in price to glucose meters and strips.

SugarBEAT® is expected to launch in 2018 in the United Kingdom, with roll out in France, Germany, Spain and Italy following shortly afterwards. This website will be updated with further details in due course."

Looks like it’s also intended to be worn for only 24 hours, so you can use it one day, then skip the next day if you want.

It looks like it’s primarily supposed to track trends rather than exact levels. There don’t appear to be any alarms. It’ll be interesting to see how accurate the trends are. Glad it’ll be more affordable though! Might help people who currently can’t use a cgm due to cost reasons.

thanks !! good stuff no?

Looks like the Glucowatch technology, as long as they have somehow figured out how to deal with skin problems that glucowatch caused, or perhaps the new form is designed to be moved around every day, so the skin problems don’t develop…

Interesting stuff, won’t be replacing a CGM or anything, but tools that help non-CGM users understand the glucose changes is nice. Especially if it isn’t expensive.


And kids who won’t allow the cgm…because of the needle

I love that they use an incredibly high Blood Glucose in their advertising. A lot of the meter manufacturers will he some nice BG number - but this is awesomely high. :crazy_face:

21.5 mmol/l = 387 mg/dl for those who are too lazy to convert.


Yes that is probably also a market, however I think the needle CGM issues are going away as the manufacturer’s improve their insertion tools.

Also, most of the kids I am around with dia, grow out of their needle phobia.

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I agree w you, @Chris: needle phobia is a very small market driver :slight_smile:

Every new CGM, even with little functionality, is good news to me. For us, though, no alarms means little value. We need alarms, dosing from measurement, and robust environmental resistance in a CGM. So far, Dexcom is the only choice, and a very good one for us.

So, to me, SugarBeat only makes sense as a very low cost option.


@Aaron, I just noticed your pic, my goodness! They are obviously aiming it at poorly controlled patients. Or maybe their advertising manager is clueless.

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I’m a little confused that the y-axis on that thing appears to go all the way up to 40 mmol/l?? That’s like 720 mg/dL, most meters don’t even read that high :thinking:


I would vote for a clueless marketing manager…

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Excellent! Their marketing department should send you a bonus. I can see the advertisements now: “Do you have problems because your BG is so high your meter can’t even read it? Well we have just the thing for you: the new SugarBeat sensor. With sugars like that, you’ll be beat.”


It appears that after 2years SugarBeat is still not available for sale even in UK? They say on their website that Sugarbeat goes on sale in UK and Ireland early 2020? Anyone heard anything?

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