Needle-free CGM startup exits stealth with new funding

Thought this was an interesting article!! Too bad the couldn’t integrate with iWatch with all the health apps it already has!!!


Interesting tech. Would love to see a comparison of this tech against a Dex and Libre. I always see these needle-free things and kind of laugh, I mean my son has had diabetes for 5 years, and the needle isn’t the problem that needs solving in our lives.


This EM sensing technology sounds like something else I recently posted- New truly non-invasive CGM prototype that actually seems to work, and with no time lag!

Maybe they took RogerType1’s suggestion and put it into a watch. If this is the same technology the really exciting thing is there would be zero latency. I can’t find anything about the latency on this device but it’s definitely something to keep an eye out for.

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