It looks like crowdfunding has started for this non-invasive blood glucose watch (although the FAQ says it uses interstitial fluid apparently when you put your finger on the watch sensor):


That’s interesting, I wonder how accurate and reliable it will be.

Can’t answer how accurate until their data comes out. It does say it uses microneedles to get an actual interstitial fluid sample. That has the ability to work well if the design is effective. You do have to put you finger on it every time you want a measurement, so it isn’t like a CGM.

Could be interesting if the reusable module is covered by insurance or is about the price of your copay on a month of strips.

Downside, if you already are wearing a watch, this is something else you have to carry, but it replaces your meter so I guess there is that.

That is fascinating.

I wonder if it would make sense to never take such a technology through FDA: Leave it as a gadget and let people decide how to use it. Think how much cheaper it would make it.

You would have to live without being able to make a claim about its effectiveness, and you would have to live with the knowledge that the FDA could decide to shut you down. But it would definitely be cheaper.

Not automatically. It’s like a heart rate monitor – an electronic gadget. Anyone can buy one.