Non invasive bg smartwatch, I have serious doubts

Good Afternoon, Got an e-mail on this watch, I’ll say I am interested but I am also dubious to its implied functions. Have been trying to research this product but can’t find manufacturer or model #. Am leaning to just get and check out. anybody know anything about this. Non-invasive blood glucose test smart watch

It looks like it says Unshidun on the watch. It can’t possibly be FDA approved, so they can’t sell it in the US as a medical device. I don’t see any reason to think it would work — Apple has been trying for a few years to develop glucose sensing for their watch that can pass muster. That said, if you want to roll the dice, have fun and let us know how it goes.

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@bkh Thank you, yea like I said I am doughtful of this, The only thing that I’ll say gives me hope is Apples biggest problem is legal, a company has been working on this and is/was suing apple for patient infringement, and if it does work how accurate is it. Regardless of how accurate it is, I could still find use as I did with old Libre CGM, It was hardly accurate but I could determine trends with it. Haven’t decided if I will try it.

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The store selling it that you linked, is very suspect (lots of grammar / Spelling mistakes), and the fact the “video” seems to be a screenshot, rather than a link to the video…

These are usually indicators of potential scammer… so proceed with caution…