Sugar Pro Smart Watch as a CGM?

I was asked by my Doc to get an A1C so instead of making an appt (which will cost $300) I went online to buy a kit for $60. Easy enough. But then I came across something that I do need and once had but because of crappy insurance it’s no longer covered. I’m talking about a CGM. This one in the link is probably a scam. I tried to look up its technology but I’m not sure if the articles I found are legitimate. Anyway, see the Suga Pro CGM smart watch below and let me know what you think.

I think it was the FDA (if not FTC?) that just announced a warning to the public about non-invasive (i.e. watch type) glucose monitors. It said they were aware of work being done on them, but none had been approved by any recognized legitimate sanctioning government entity (US, Europe, elsewhere). See Do Not Use Smartwatches or Smart Rings to Measure Blood Glucose Levels: FDA Safety Communication | FDA)%20without%20piercing%20the%20skin.


Thanks Tom. I did not know of the FDA warning. I’ve got to wonder how the company can peddle this watch if the technology is unproven. That can be downright dangerous.


@arnolfo I just happened to read a couple of days ago. Have to admit I’ve seen a bunch of similar items on FB and elsewhere! I presume it’s because fraudsters…even some well meaning people…will see just about anything to make money. There are some reputable efforts moving forward in this area: Apple’s been reported for years to be working on the tech for their watch (I’d buy one!); G-Wave has been working on the tech for a few years and has products in testing; others have been reported elsewhere here on FUD. It will happen eventually…but then so will the Star Trek tri-corder (sp?) and the sick bay bed that measures everything without touching you…some of us will actually get to see/use some of the stuff!

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Tricorders… yup, that’d be pretty cool. For now, I can only wait. Relying on a walgreen meter doesn’t help me to know I’m at 56 bg at 4 am… while it’s also maddening big pharma puts a giant price tag on their CGMs which cancels out people like myself from the benefits.

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