New truly non-invasive CGM prototype that actually seems to work, and with no time lag!

It uses two electromagnetic sensors- a multiband slot antenna (worn in a glove on the hand) and a multiband-reject filter (worn on the forearm). They can work independently but using them together helps tailor it for differences in individuals.

Scroll down to figure 5 to see the results of human testing during a glucose tolerance test to see the reference (red) as compared to the CGM data (blue dots and line). Looks impressive. It might be annoying to wear a glove all the time, but zero lag time might be worth it to some people.


First time I have seen that type of glucose sensing. Pretty interesting technology. Not in a practical state yet, but if it continues to work, some great engineer will make it usable.


They don"t need a great engineer, they need a tech savvy type 1 diabetic with common sense. Why not build the multi band antenna in a sock, and have the multiband reject filter on a watch?

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That certainly could work, I wonder what amount of vasculature they need for the sensor? Not sure if the location of the blood vessels makes a difference, or bone density etc are variables.