Needle free cgm

Found this to be pretty interesting.


Here’s more information about the device.

  • Each patch requires a 30-60 minute warm up period
  • A patch can be worn only for 24 hours
  • They say: “SugarBEAT® can additionally be used by insulin using persons with diabetes as an adjunctive glucose monitoring device when calibrated by a finger stick reading”
  • Costs are expected to be comparable with regular glucose meters and test strips

I’m curious how accurate this device will be. I’m a little skeptical, because this is again one step further removed from the bloodstream.


So this looks like a similar technology to the old glucowatch which was a bust because the pulses were sensed by some people, and many people developed a rash. I wonder if the reason you can only use it for 24 hours is because they want it moved so you don’t develop the rash.


It may have this technology…

If this works well enough, I think the 24-hour patch is a good advantage. I can see situations where I might want to take a short break from my CGM, but with a 14-day sensor, it’s really not an option unless it can be timed with a sensor change.

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It works by drawing IS Fluid out of the skin with a small electric current.

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@Chris this is the same tech as what the glucowatch used, right?

As a past user of the glucowatch, I’d definitely still at least try this out, because it sounds awesome… I would really really hope that with the sugarbeat they’ve addressed the rashes/burns from the glucowatch days


Give Apple another couple of years and they’ll perfect wearable technology for BG. All part of their push to become the wearable medical device of choice for millions around the world.


Yes, very similar tech as the glucowatch.

I think I will take a wait and see attitude. So far, we still can’t connect the Dexcom directly to an Apple Watch despite them showing this vaporware two years ago.

MARD of 13 is claimed.

If so with active life of only 23 hours and an accuracy well short of G6 or Libre it will have to have a very big cost advantage to interest me.

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