Non invasive BG monitoring

What a great time!
Today I found some interesting news:


You are so right, this is a GREAT time!

great link, @jroth . They have an aggressive time frame:

SugarBEAT® launch expected late 2017 in United Kingdom.

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One of the latest great innovations was Freestyle libre. Not so high cost like cgm and available for many more peple.
We are still young enough to have no more trouble and live with a closed loop system in the close future.


Which would be great if you live in the U.K.! :slightly_frowning_face: It looks pretty awesome, though.

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@Pianoplayer7008 if it’s available in one country, then it only needs time to be available in more country’s.


Perhaps this is one of those times when our “numbers” can work for us. If it does what they say and how they say, the demand may help it jump the water…?

It will be interesting to see how it does once launched. And if they can keep the price comparable to strips/meters/etc once they realize its worth.


Yes! I was mostly teasing; just being impatient. :wink:


It is an all-British company:

Interesting ad they have. Meters in North American ads always have near-perfect numbers like 5.4 (97). But the SugarBeat app shows an astronomical 21.5 (390) and rising. And this person hasn’t been below 18.1 (326) all day. Doesn’t exactly sell this “solution for better diabetes management”! (Though in reality I’ll be first in line. The Canadian one, whenever.)


They must be thinking – if this one can use it, anyone can :slight_smile:


I wonder how reliable and accurate it will be compared to CGMs. And how much will the delay be? More than CGMs?

Another drawback:

  1. How long can sugarBEAT™ be worn for?
    Each patch can be worn for a maximum of 24 hours.
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Interestingly, the timeline on the latest great libre, is a long one. Our group did the original research on the system in the 1990’s. Took awhile to get to market.

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Really? OK, that’s a long time.
It’s on the German market since 10/2014.
And still not all health insurance will pay for it.

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Congratulations, @Chris – what a great product!

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Approval by insurance companies or the department of health takes a long time. Governments, of course, want to spend tax money responsibly (well, maybe not all governments) and are often not willing to extend coverage without substantial scientific evidence. In the Netherlands only special groups of patients get CGMs and the FSL is not covered at all. Currently, an insurance company and a hospital are conducting a clinical trial to investigate the benefits and cost-effectiveness of the FSL. They hope to be able to persuade the minister of health of the cost-effectiveness of the FSL.

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Thanks for sharing.

I’d be completely shocked if this launches any time soon.

I didn’t have the opportunity to read completely the above thread and what I referenced above. Apologies if they are the same.

I am hoping to see more development in invasive BG monitoring.

Seems all the developers are in love with the idea of reading interstitial fluid. This morning my CGM said 88 but my meter showed 120. What is the point?

There are so many adaptations of this idea now - Dexcom, Libre, Guardian, the implanted one, the watch one, the eyeball reader, and now this patch.

But no matter how small they make them, they all have the same limitation. They aren’t actually measuring blood. :frowning:

I know I am in the minority when it comes to this.


In the first post I linked to a announcement that nemura medical Inc plans to bring a product in 2018 to the UK market.

This sounds exciting. Their company seems to be following the Dexcom financial pathway. The stock is about $3.35 today, after launch I think the sky is the limit.