My holiday wishes to everyone

Hi Everyone,
There is so much I want to say to each of you individually, but I could never fit it all in. Just wanted to wish everyone a merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, season’s greetings and a very Happy New Year.

Here it is in brief, just a very quick message to everyone. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Jen, @Beacher, @Aaron, @lisa To all my Canadian brothers and sisters, so glad you are all here. Canadians are the friendliest people in the world. :slight_smile:


@docslotnick Doc, no matter how much I try, I will never catch you! I love your treatment plans for lows and your mad-scientist xDrip stuff.

@John58 Still playing hockey, not letting D slow you down. Awesome!

@ClaudnDaye Liam is so cute and your love shows in every post. I know is in great hands with you and Erin.

@TravelingOn, @EricH My brother and sister on the left coast! So glad I ran into you “ages ago”, and so glad you are both here! Can’t wait to see you again at the next D’Con.

@Sam So glad you were enough of a nut to be the seed of this great place. :smiley:

@lh378, @cardamom, @Millz , @CatLady You women bring a sensibility, gentleness, and kindness to this place. You smooth out the rough edges that people like me leave behind! Thank you all for making this a sweet place to be. You are always here and are such an important foundation for this place. :heart:


@CarolynA Someone who knows how great it feels after you have beaten yourself up with hard miles. Wishing you many miles in 2018.

@Michel Michel, I can’t say enough about what you did. Your vision and hard work is what brought us all here together. We are all greatly indebted to you!

@kenrick Appreciate all your tech info! If you gotta share a state with Sam, you’re lucky it’s a big state. :grinning:

@daisymae DM, your success story is inspirational! I love what you did in 2017, and can’t wait to see what you do in 2018. Much love! :heart:

@Thomas You are brilliant about D. Seems like you know exactly what is going on about so much. I enjoy reading the info you share!

@MM2 Love the long-termers who are still kickin’ it every day. You are an inspiration to all.

@Chris I love hearing about how awesome Cody is doing. He is so far ahead of where I was at this stage of my DX. He’s a rock star!

@TiaG Tia, you are cutting edge on everything. The openAPS, all the research links you post. Thanks for all the great info!

@Bradford Another perfect example of why this site is the absolute best for parents of diabetic children. Love your insight and commitment to your son!


@Pianoplayer7008 Emily, you have figured out so much in such a short time and I love that.

@Boerenkool You are hilarious and you always crack me up! Thanks for making us laugh while giving valuable insight at the same time.

@Irish I’ve missed you lately. Hope everything goes okay and hope to see you back soon!

@walkingthedragon88 Maria, scientist and absolute tech wizard. Your info is tremendous. Thanks for all the knowledge!

@mikep Love your continued pursuit of following your passion and coaching sports and not slowing down!

@slee Thanks for being here and helping to build a bridge, and I appreciate your contributions.

@amymc So glad to have you in the FUD family. Best wishes on your upcoming pump choices!

@bkh You do great research and your posts and experience are huge for everyone. Thanks for sharing with all of us!

@dm61 Your knowledge of looping is great and such a benefit for those interested in it. Thanks for sharing what you know.

@drbbennett Dr. B, thanks for sharing all the info on the 670G and being willing to try it and share it with the rest of us.


@drpepper68 Allen you are always seeking out the newest and the best things to try. Super helpful to have you here sharing with us.

@jag1 You are one of the original “bad boys”. You were cool way before Sam and you were the trendsetter! Respect! :sunglasses:

@literaturesnob18 Thanks for being here and sharing and I hope to see more of your posts in 2018!

@Annette13 Annette, just starting out on your journey but already seeking info and sharing info. What a great attitude you have!

@Katers87 So glad you found us! I love hearing from veterans of the disease who have so much figured out.

@katiereeder Glad you joined us. Parents of diabetic children are angels and the knowledge you are sharing will help so many others.

@livingandlearning201 Thanks for sharing the tweets with everyone. The information you give is wonderful!

@mpg54 Glad to have you here learning with us all!

@mremmers Thank you for your contributions to our growing knowledge here!

@PegE Your wide range of activities and great control are an inspiration to everyone here!


@Robellengold Appreciate the sharing you are doing with your experience and your progress. Keep on posting!

@Spinlady Kim, you aren’t letting D slow you down, nailing the spin classes, that’s great!

@toddex Thanks for sharing with us about DexTape, glad you are here.

@Scotteric Awesome how you are willing to try different things and share results with us. I enjoy reading about your experience with D.

@bryn Welcome to FUD! Glad you are here, look forward to hearing from you.

Sorry for all the posts. Site limits you to 10 names per post! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

To everyone, I look forward to another great year of sharing with you. All the best!


@Eric, thanks for the amazing holiday wishes. I also wish everyone Happy Holidays and a happy and healthy New Year. I am so glad that I accidentally happened upon this wonderful group!


@Eric Thanks for the holiday wishes! I wish you and everyone else here a safe, healthy and wonderful holiday time and may 2018 bring everyone great joy and prosperity and many new medical and technological advances to help battle diabetes!

It’s a pleasure being a part of his community.


@Eric And holiday wishes to our very own MacGyver, the heart and soul of FUD, and all around good guy. Eric, you are one in a million!

Have a very Merry Christmas, and a 4.9 New Year!


Happy Holidays, @Eric, and all!


thank you eric :)…i am happy to be here :slight_smile:


Happy Holidays Eric!!! Thanks for the kind words and your contributions to creating such a great community :slight_smile:


Happy Holiday’s Eric!! You are amazing, and I expect an after action report with insulin used like crazy! Enjoy


@Eric - Wow, I’m not surprised that you took the time to send personal holiday wishes to the FUD family! You’re such a giving and compassionate person…I’m so glad to be here with you - our very own :guinea_pig::guinea_pig:

Wishing the entire extended FUD family a relaxing and joyful Holiday. Hope the new year full of good health and abundant laughter.

Lisa :bouquet:


Ditto. I’m very impressed, and grateful to be part of this family.

Happy holidays to all.


Crazy week for us, but just popping in to say thank you, @Eric, and that this is a big part of why I love this community - one who so obviously cares for its members. So blessed to be a part of it. Happy holidays, all!


Thanks for the kind words, Eric…Enjoy the holidays everybody!


Thank you @Eric, and happy holidays everyone!


Thank you very much! Merry Christmas to everyone!


Thank you Eric, happy holidays/Merry Christmas to you too and everyone else!