My experience with 95% cocoa bars

The other day I bought a couple of Lindt 95% cocoa bars that were reduced price. 3g per square, I thought what the heck, I drink coffee black so I should like this chocolate.

I would eat 2 squares for 6g. Did not cause a rise in BG and perfectly sated my chocolate cravings.

An add that started me down the chocolate addiction route.


Check the dietary fibre; it is quite significant and it is indigestible (at least the stuff listed on US food labels is). 100% cocoa is 58% carbohydrate but 33% of the total (i.e. the total weight, not 58% of the total weight) is dietary fibre.

Doing the arithmetic the Lindt “square” seems to be 5g (worth a check) and contains 1g of carbs so far as we are concerned.

A shot of StarBucks coffee is the same (1g of digestible carbs); the brewing process removes the indigestible carbs because they are insoluble, even in steam!

All these beans come out the same in the end.

However unlike coffee chocolate is a traditional American drink and well worth embracing as part of our culture!


My wife is what she calls a “chocoholic!” She started a habit of chocolate milk (editted: actually Hot CoCo) long ago (childhood?) at night. Several years back, around Christmas, she commented about not having either a “reserve” can (1st in line in the pantry), let alone a “back-up” (2nd in-line in the pantry…the words being my own invention reference peanut butter!). She loved the peppermint hot chocolate of William-Sonoma at the time. I was out with our daughter looking for a Christmas present for the wife and the idea struck…I bought a case…yes 24 cans…of W-S Peppermint Hot Chocolate for the wife. It lasted a little over a year with near nightly rounds. It’s become a running joke for the family. W-S has gotten stingy and expensive, so I’ve switched to the Starbucks version… For myself is the Lindor Truffles at 3 balls for 15 grams…but only the black bag with extra dark; one version is like 75% cacao and another is like 87%! My treat to myself….