Easter candy carb equivalencies

For Easter, I thought it would be fun to translate the carbs I burned on today’s run into Easter candy equivalencies.

Peeps x 78 image

Cadbury eggs x 23 image

jelly beans x 561image

Lindt 7oz solid chocolate bunny x 5

I knew today was going to be a little bit tough, but I kept telling myself that all I needed to do was get past the first 15 miles, and I would be fine.


It is that time of year where cadbury mini eggs become exercise carbs for me. Time to go do some exercise :smile:


Mmmm. Cadbury Mini Eggs! I really need to learn how to make a low-carb, dairy-free version of those!!!


@Eric, you are amazing. I happened to pick up one of those Lindt chocolate bunnies today, and the thought of eating five of them… I think I might actually rather run 15 miles. :slight_smile: Maybe if I ran 15 miles I could consider eating five of them? Oh right, I don’t have diabetes. Dang it, less Easter candy for me.