Moving CGM Sensor from belly to either thigh or upper arm?


I’ve been a T1D for 47+ years and have used my belly first for MDI and now for CGM Sensor (G5) and pump infusion set … so, yes, I’m an old dog.

My endo wants me to begin using either my upper arm or thigh for my CGM sensor so that I have more belly available for rotation of infusion sets.

“No problem” I think … except I keep tearing the sensor off when I either remove my t-shirt or raise/lower my trousers. I seem to catch clothing on the end of the sensor that “floats” rather than being glued to the adhesive.

Is my mistake that I’ve got the sensor oriented so that it’s long axis is parallel to (rather than across) my leg or arm?

Or is there a cuff that I can wear over the sensor so that I’m less likely to catch and pull the sensors?

I don’t seem to encounter this problem when the sensor is on my belly.

It seems like a silly little problem, but I’d rather not “burn” a sensor on the first day, if there are any tricks that would help me avoid accidentally scraping them off.

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I wear my G6 sensor on my arm, with the sensor going up and down (not across my arm). I use Skin Grip patches to keep the sensors from getting pulled off: https://theskingrip.com/products/dexcom-g6-adhesive-patch-tan-pack-of-20

Likewise use tape/patch.

Hi Shott,
I think it is better to wear it parallel to the muscle. It doesn’t affect the sensor reading at all, but it seems to stay on longer. When you flex your muscle, having more contact with the skin (parallel) will last longer.

As @ned mentioned, the grips are very useful!

Also, Dexcom will send you free patches. Check out this post. Call them and ask. It’s free, so it’s worth a try.

Also, @jen is one of the experts on extended wear, so I am flagging her on this post.

Hi John, I have been “super taping” G5 sensors on the back and sides of my upper arm for a few years. Always vertical/parallel. Here is what I do: 1. I use Skin Tac liberally, leaving about a 1 inch diameter clean spot for the sensor. 2. I insert G5 and transmitter, start the sensor. 3. Then more skin tac on the white Dexcom tape and surrounding skin. 4. I cut a 1” wide strip of Grif Grip tape (you can buy a roll) and tape it crosswise across the transmitter, taping it down to the white Dexcom tape. 5. Then I seal it all down with pre-cut Grif Grip patch. Have not had any problems with ripping off sensors when this crosswise tape is used under the pre-cut patch. Before I bought the roll of Grif Grips tape I used Opsite Flexi, which also held it down well.

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Thank you all for your thoughtful replies, experiences, and suggestions.

This gives me a lot to try out with the knowledge that it works for others.



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670G pump/Guardian 3 sensor user here.

I exclusively use my thighs (front lower, to inner lower area mostly - to make sure things in my pants pockets aren’t interfering/brushing across them) for my Guardian 3 sensors, and Medtronic supplies 2x oval tape pieces per sensor that if used properly keep the sensors from snagging my clothing in a pretty foolproof fashion.