The last sensor I will ever have to buy? 😀

The last 3 sensors I have worn have each lasted exactly 6 days before falling off.

I am not calling in the current one, because the others have been replaced, so I have those days covered.

But thinking ahead, when the G6 comes out and is supposed to last for 10 days…

I’ll buy the first one, and never have to buy another sensor ever again because I don’t see how it would ever last 10 days, if I can’t even get 7 days from the current version. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ash nazg thrakatulûk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul.
One sensor to rule them all, one sensor to find them, One sensor to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.


:rofl: thanks for the much needed laugh this morning!


Seems like a valid strategy. I don’t think Dexcom will ever figure out how you did it.


I am curious if Dexcom has some discovered some kind of adhesive from another planet that will work for 10 days. I just have no idea how 10 days will be the standard duration.

In all seriousness, the 10 day wear on the G6 makes me think I will hold out with the G5 for as long as I am able. That issue alone makes me think I should not switch!

When the G6 comes out, I know there will be some early-adopters. Look forward to hearing how they last for everyone.

I guess we are committed to using an adhesive covering ala Grif Grips or Dex Tape. I don’t think the G5 would last the two weeks we get without the covering tape or using something like Skin Tac

Grif Grip is only for the arms though, right?

On the last conference call the CEO mentioned that issue when they get the approval for 14-day wear. He said he doesn’t know how they’ll handle it if a sensor falls off on day 12.

No you can use a Grif Grip anywhere. We used to purchase the animals (we still do for a chuckle) but the ovals will fit on any body part. Also, the fabric breathes so even when sweating of showering it dries.


I was thinking of the one’s that are the reusable elastic bands. I haven’t tried the adhesive ones.

Didn’t have much luck with the elastic ones (are they the swimsuit-type material with a silicone grip)? All they did was slip, slide, and tear at the sensor and/or pod site. Meh. Had to keep tugging at it.

Good thing is they are fairly cheap so might be worth trying.


The adhesive ones are awesome, the last about a about a week with showering, playing sport etc. Then carefully remove and replace. We have only had one sensor forcibly removed from my son, and it was in band of all things. Quite the contact sport.


I use Grif Grip for my Dexcom G6. I cut off a 4" piece, round the 90 degree corners and place an unused transmitter in the middle and mark it with a ballpoint pen. I then use a sheetrock knife and a cutting board to cut out the center area for the transmitter. This works great and will normally last for the ten days. However, occasionally I need to use a scissors and trim the outer edges that may start to lift.


Wow, you are already on the G6? How is it?

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Just curious, why don’t you purchase the ones that are already punched for CGM’s?

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I went with the Grif Grip tape because the pre-punched were listed for the G5 and the G6 had just been released. The sensor and transmitter sizes are different so I wasn’t sure the pre-punched would work with the G6. I’m sure they would since the G6 sensor is smaller so it probably wouldn’t matter. I may try the pre-cuts when my four rolls of tape are gone.

I really like the G6 but this is my first CGM. I was skeptical at first so spent the first two weeks checking calibration. The G6 readings were always really close to those from my meter so I rarely check with my meter now. No more finger sticks is a good thing!


We have been on the G5 for a few years and for us, the CGM is correct except for periods of really rapid change, but it catches up eventually. Glad the G6 is working for you, we are thinking about switching when our supply runs out.

If you have time, I would really love a review of what you have found.


It it helps, I’m on the G6 as well and have had a mostly very positive experience in the couple months I’ve used it. The only real issue is the first 24 hours, which for me, are super aggravating. Jumpy graphs and imaginary “lows” where it’ll be chugging along in a semi-straight line before deciding I’m suddenly in dire straits before bouncing back up where it started. Once that levels off after the first day and a few calibrations, it’s spot on. Of course I know everyone is different, but I’m impressed by the accuracy for me, and in days 2 or 3 through 10 I usually trust it pretty completely. Insertion is easy, usually pretty painless. It loses Bluetooth connection to my phone like crazy, but it doesn’t sound like that’s unique to the G6. All in all I’m super happy with it. I’m fortunate my insurance is paying for it currently, so the 10 day max hasn’t been a huge issue, though there are times when we’re getting along so well I hate to switch it out!


If you are able to extend your sensors an extra day or two, you could build up a surplus supply of sensors as a safety margin. Then if you run into issues with insurance re-approval, you’ll continue to have sensors while solving the insurance difficulties. Same for transmitters. I learned this lesson when a pre-approval application for a G5 transmitter reorder was delayed 4 weeks. It felt quite primitive to have to go back to 8 fingersticks per day and no alarms.

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I use StayTac with my sensor. You have to be careful to leave the part where the needle goes in with no adhesive. After I attach it, I wet the whole white patch with the StayTac. Once that is dry I use StayTac around the area and use an extra sticky patch over the Dexcom patch. The Rockadex patch can be careully removed each week and a new one put in it’s place. I get an average of three weeks out of my sensors.


@Eric I use a grifgrip on my stomach and / or arm. I typically get 3 weeks out of a G5 sensor. I’m also holding off going to the G6 because of the 10 days.

My sensor adhesive still holds after almost 3 weeks and it is all because of the grifgrips. I typically have to change that every week to 10 days and I’ll remove starting in the middle by the transmitter and pulling slowly out away from transmitter to not mess up the sensor adhesion.