New Dexcom location suggestion -- Help!


When Samson switched to the G6, he was having trouble with the sensor when it was on his arm. The data was cutting out for a few hours, it was giving sensor errors pretty much the moment his head hit the pillow for significant portions of the night, and it never lasted the 10 days.

We solved the problem by putting it on his belly. Data was instantly better, and when the sensor sticks to his body, it lasts the full 10 days. However, IT NEVER STICKS TO HIS BODY. By day 2 it’s peeling up on his belly and it often is completely done for by day 3 or 4. I think part of the problem is that on his belly, he’s tempted to fiddle with it, and because it’s itchy and irritating when the edges peel up, I think he’s scratching under the lifted edges.

But this means we’re doing sensor changes every three or four days, which is just unsustainable. It’s painful for him, it means more adhesive stuck all over his body, and it’s annoying to be calling Dexcom every three days to ask for a replacement.

So I’m wondering if anyone else has suggestions for other body parts to place the sensor – ideally one that’s not easily accessible to him? I don’t think the upper booty (the other portion approved for Dex) is going to work because he slides on things, and is still young enough I think it could snag on stuff pretty easily when he’s going to the bathroom or changing clothes.

But what other spots might work? Thigh? Could upper back/shoulder work? We’re getting desperate here for a setup that’s going to last more than 3 days. Going back to the arm means I’m up for large swaths of the night with no data, so I’m really hoping for something better.

The other possibility I thought of was putting an adhesive completely on top of the transmitter, not just around it, since it often seems to fail at the junction of the transmitter housing and the adhesive backing. But I’m not sure if that ruins the transmitter’s range.


Have you tried the Overpatch or some other tape around it? We found Overpatch (free) from Dexcom and switched to that from the Dextape (which we still have and will use if/when we run out of the Overpatch. Do you use tape at all?

No suggestions for spots unfortunately. We’ve always swapped from right to left arm and only have connection issues after the 2nd restart session period, at which time we just rotate. We’re afraid to try Liam’s belly right now because we don’t think he has enough fat there…he’s got a big belly, but not a lot of fat if that makes sense.


we use the overpatches. They really actually seem to hasten the death of the sensors for Samson, because once they peel up, they take the rest of the adhesive with them, if that makes sense.


@TiaG I’m not quite as small as Samson, but I do use my thighs with great success. Slightly inside towards groin area from front center (10 o’clock - ish from Samson’s perspective) and higher on the thigh so it doesn’t catch on the undies. Not Dexcom approved, but so what. I have even seen people wearing them on their calf, which I tried unsuccessfully.

Are you using the paper or fabric type overpatches? Paper is my albatross.


they’re the plasticy, tegaderm ones provided by Dexcom, but I’m thinking we may need to switch to Grifgrips again, even though he hates them and they take forever to get off.

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Ms @TiaG the GrifGrips fabric ones are the only ones that I have found that work for me. They are crazy sticky, and I use mastisol underneath both sensor and patch. As I am a pain wimp, I use copious amounts of Detachol to remove patch, sensor, or both. A quick swipe with alcohol after makes sure everything is clean for the next application of mastisol and GrifGrips.

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Do you use the “extreme” GrifGrips or the regular ones?


I have been using the original fabric and replace them every 7ish days. I soak the old grifgrip with Detachol, let soak for a few minutes, and carefully peel. If I’m careful when I peel them off and hold the edge of the Dexcom patch down, I can reapply mastisol and a new grip grip.

I had no idea they had an "extreme "! Next purchase I’m going to try them. :grin:



12 days on a hairy unshaved forearm. Replacing tomorrow. Edges are loose, but body of patch is solidly stuck.

I favor ovals and hexagonal patches for longevity.


We swear by the ovals, but sometimes buy funny ones to give his friends a laugh. But honestly, the ovals work best for us.

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We only use the G6 on Audrey’s belly. We use these adhesive tapes and are happy with them.

Removal of this tape or the old omnipod tends to be the worst thing for her but we use a couple of different adhesive removers to ease.

I wouldn’t worry about these types of products ruining the transmitters range



Are those impervious to water? The reason I ask is that my son has some issues with the barrier type tapes but the GrifGrips breathe which is nice for his skin due to all the sports he plays.

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Yes they are fine in the bath and submerged in 18inches pool water. Having said that she doesn’t do much in the pool, just sitting/playing/walking around. Overall they work well - we found we need something like this all the time. I hadn’t heard of GrifGrips - the website looks very interesting - lots of practical products.
I might get that organiser for myself :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, I didn’t even know about those ExpressionMed products. The trick seems to be to be aware of all the options, find something that works, when it stops working, be aware of all the options…

rinse and repeat

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Do you use Skin Tac with the tape?

I find Skin Tac works well for me and I think it may stop the tape from pulling up. I find I can’t really pick at it.

I also use an adhesive remover to get the adhesive off as Skin Tac will stay on the skin. I think the one I used is called “Remove”.

I am reading the suggestions here as will be starting the G5 on my son soon. :slight_smile:


We use Skintac religiously but it doesn’t keep it down for more than a few days.


You know, you probably just need to give your child more screen time. I mean it will help keep the sensors in place longer dont’cha know. /s



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I use 1" 3M Medipore tape. It’s similar to the adhesive on the CGM sensor and can be peeled off the sensor’s tape for a new taping (peel away from the sensor). I have sensitive skin and it is the least aggravating tape of all of them. And very cheap.

I know this doesn’t answer your question about alternate placements. No good suggestions here.


Welcome @Kevin.Blanc, good to see a new face around here. Thanks for offering up a good suggestion with your first post. Looking forward to learning more about you.