Accidentally removing dexcom from abdomen

My husband has been using dexcom for over a year now, successfully. He had knee replacement 3 weeks ago. Twice since then he has removed the whole shebang in his sleep. He’s using one of the amazon overpatches that is VERY sticky and hard to remove. But somehow he’s peeling it off and pulling it out- we have found them on the nightstand both times.

I’m at my wit’s end- what can I do to protect it? He doesn’t like sleeping in a tshirt. I suspect his sleep is not normal right now, so possibly it will stop. I hope so! Thanks for your advice.


Where does he put the sensor? Has he tried upper back arms? You might be able to put additional wrapping on arm, but not too tight. (Ace bandage??)

Could it be an allergic reaction to patch?

I use back of arms or inner thighs, and the free overpatches from dexcom. Have you tried them?


Thanks for the location suggestions. I thought they were supposed to go on the abdomen so glad to be finding out that other locations work too.

We have the dexcom brand overpatches too but we didn’t discover that they would send them free until we already had the amazon ones. He’s used them for awhile now. It’s just weird that he hasn’t done it in a year and now he’s done it twice in a week.


That’s what Dexcom is allowed to say based on approvals.

Many folks use alternate locations to see what works. You can check with your doctor if concerned.

Arms are my favorite, but have knocked off on doorways!! Hoping that won’t happen with G7 if it has lower profile.


Did you know that Dexcom will replace sensors that don’t last the entire 10 days? Here is the online form to request replacements:


We have called customer service in the past when a sensor actually went out before the 10 days. Hadn’t thought about this situation yet- thanks for the reminder.


These can help keep the sensor from being knocked off your arm. I use them on my libre, but I see no reason why they wouldn’t work as well on a Dexcom. Not cheap, but not terribly expensive, and they do seem to be effective at increasing overall adhesion.

Skin Grip Adhesive Patches for Dexcom G6 CGM (20-Pack), Waterproof & Sweatproof for 10-14 Days, Pre-Cut Adhesive Tape, Continuous Glucose Monitor Protection (Blue)

YMMV, etc.

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Dexcom provides patches at no cost, by ordering from their website. They are very effective.


@mam11 If you look thru many of the posts here at FUD, you’ll find folks have used just about every possible place on the body there’s likelihood of som fatty tissue (and some there isn’t) vice muscle tissue. Examples: calfs (sides, back), thighs (outside, inside, front, back), butt, back (got to be a contortionist or have help), shoulder, and upper arms (inside, outside, back). Haven’t heard of anyone doing forearms (bet someone has though), feet, hands, necks or heads…yet! Hey! Give it time… :rofl:

Hope you find a location that works, and if/when you do, please let us all know!


Thanks- he manages to remove the dexcom in his sleep even with an overpatch.

Have always used on upper arm. Works just fine. Maybe it bothers him on abdomen?

I wear my G6 on the back of my arm now., but wore them on my abdomen for some time. Even with an over patch, there tend to be edges of the sensor that can still be caught … with the end result of “scraping off” a patch.

As someone suggested, wearing an ace bandage wrap can, in effect, smooth out the “sharp edges” of a sensor making it less likely to scrape off. There are also a variety of neoprene waist band products that can cover your sensor and abdomen and reduce the likelihood of scraping off a sensor.

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Has he tried using them on the upper arm? That’s where I put mine and have never had a problem with them there. Maybe a suggestion

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We use arms only with overpatch on top of each sensor.

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