Dexcom G7 overpatch?

Silly question: does the dexcom g7 have different overpatches? I’m assuming yes. I’m thinking of switching soonish, and since the overpatches take a few weeks to get to me, I’d thought I’d check…
Edit: each sensor comes with an overpatch.

Honestly, I look up to people who can wear these devices with no overpatch.

Dexcom doesn’t make anything like the Omnipod “pod pals”. ExpressionMed stays on me with SkinTac. Skin Grip makes tape rolls. Cut to size to use. Highly versatile and more cost effective for me.
I got the advice to wipe the skintac in a circle, leaving a hole in the center where you inject your canula. Also learned that if there is any curling up during the 10 days, you can use skintac again to stick it down. The brush-on application from a bottle is more cost effective than the individual packages. Unisolve to remove and baby oil for sticker residue on skin. Since I can’t carry Unisolve, I carry single pack adhesive remover pads. Good luck.

For Dexcom G7, there is an overpatch included with each sensor.

For G6, patches can be ordered for free, using form on dexcom website.


I have to use skintac. I understand that one needs to wait a few seconds for it to dry a little to get its stickiest. I hate that I have to spend so much money on overpatches.

I know this has been posted before, but I’ll throw it here, too: for Dexcom adhesive + overpatch adhesives, I clean my skin with rubbing alcohol first and let it dry. Then place Dexcom and/or overpatch and I have good luck in getting them to stay secured longer (the rubbing alcohol preps your skin well for the adhesive).


That’s what we do as well with the G6. Works great for us but we realize YDMV.

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I sweat a lot, and am active doing yardwork and stuff. So I clean the oils off my skin the way @JessicaD does. Then have to use 3M Tegaderm over the G6, so I bought a 4 inch roll and whack off about 3 inches at a time. Covers everything including the 3M hydrocolloidal patch between my skin and the Dexcom adhesive that I am allergic to. I sometimes have to trim the black stuff off the edges after about a week. It won’t make @keshazel happy because it’s expensive.

I use smaller Tegaderm patches over my infusion sets as well, since before using them I sweated the infusion sets off regularly in summer.