Dexcom G7 sensor adhesive

Does anybody know what adhesive Dexcom is using on the G7 sensors? I am allergic to the current G6 adhesive and have to put a barrier bandage on before applying one. Thanks.

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Where is it out? In Europe, or Canada?

The San Diego-based company now offers Dexcom G7 in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Hong Kong.


The loop people are doing stuff with the G7 in Germany trying to break the Algo security. Given all the adhesive iterations the G6 went through in the initial rollout I would guess they stay with the current adhesive. Especially since the G7 is a smaller form factor which would make the adhesive more secure over the same time period vs the G6. I would be very surprised to see a new adhesive formulation for the G7 rollout, but I could be wrong (and have been before).