Dexcom Overpatch Review

This is a fairly simple review of the product offered FOR FREE by Dexcom called “Overpatch.”

We have used the overpatch over Liam’s CGM for the past two change outs and here are my thoughts.

  1. The overall “real estate” is the smallest that I’ve found so far of all the tapes. This is a GREAT positive point because the less tape on Liam’s arms, the less chance for skin irritation in addition to the less tape requiring removal (which he hates).

  2. The “hole” is a perfect fit for the CGM.

  3. The top layer of paper over the tape is very thick so that you are able to place it really well before peeling that layer off.

  4. After twice wearing the Overpatch WITH NO SKIN-TAC or other substance under it, at the end of the 2 week period, there was ZERO tape lift up. Absolutely no side of the tape had peeled up…I mean it was really nicely sealed to the skin in both changeouts for the full two week period.

We really love the Dextape, but we may switch to Overpatch because it’s a) FREE and b) works really well (no peeling tape) and c) takes up a lot less skin real estate.

If you can imagine…the tape extends about 1/4 inch on all sides of the normal oval sensor tape. Possibly 1/2 inch…I can get exact measurements/pictures if anyone is interested in seeing it on the arm.

Overall review: VERY positive. Definitely recommend this product.

How do you get it? Just ask your Dexcom customer service representative to send you some! It’s that easy…you don’t even need to be ordering anything!


We should receive our first order of the Dexcom Overpatch tomorrow.

It will be interesting to try out.


We received our overpatches today.

On the package it says something like “will not extend sensor session”.

Being a distrustful sort of critter - I am keeping an open mind on that.

I am wondering if we apply these at the same time as we put the sensor on initially rather than waiting for it to start getting loose and flapping, is it possible this actually will extend the sensor session? If this gave us an extra 2 days per sensor that would be great.

We are using this with the G6 sensor.


Try it both ways.


@Thomas I use the GrifGrips overpatch and I put them on once the transmitter is installed. I also use mastisol under the Dexcom and. Overpatch.


When EH is going to be doing lots of physical activity (rock climbing, running, and apparently Disney World, and also water sports) we automatically apply a SimPatch over the top of the Dex (and the omnipod). It seems to help. We’ve had a couple fly right off when applied before activity so we both think it does extend the session in that way. :smile: