Dexcom questions

My doctor has suggested a dexcom for myself after years of slightly highs and slightly lows. My question is, has anyone had issues with violent sleeping? I’m a tossing and turning all night kind of girl and I fear it might be pulled out or break off on my stomach or arm. Is it possible for this to happen and how possible is it? When I say violent sleeper I mean I can sleep one way with my head facing the headboard and then wake up with my head near the baseboard.


Have no fear @Merg, the Dexcom sensors are fairly hearty and hold up well. Plus there is all manner of trickery from members of this forum for ensuring a full 10 days of wear time.

You are in good hands here, should you persue the Dexcom path…


i do a lot of tossing and turning and have not lost a dexcom yet , but do request the overlay patches to be sure


I work on vehicles, live on a ranch, etc.
I rarely rip one loose. And it is usually something drastic of catching it on something to catch the edge enough to rip it off.
I like to put skintac on the sensor before applying. I let it tack up, then insert it. This is how I get it to last 10+ days.
With that being said, even without the skintac, I have never had an issue ripping it off while sleeping.


Welcome to FUD; yep, it’s possible. It’s easily preventable too. More exposed places are more likely to have wardrobe disconnects, or door-frame disconnects. I keep my sensor where it is safe from both; the stomach is a good location and is one of the few Dexcom recommends (they didn’t recommend the arm last time I checked). Others, like the arm, work. You can put it anywhere convenient; Dexcom might say otherwise but the number of people using it on the upper arm disputes that advice.

Try it, if you don’t like it chuck it. If your doc will prescribe it it is always worth a try; a lot of what we do is restricted by what doctors (and, in some countries, insurance companies) let us do. I find it provides useful information; these days for me it has become essential information, yet the first time I tried (a G4) it was a royal PITA and I sent it back.


I have it on the stomach, switch sides whenever I feel like it, and haven’t had any issues the last few years.

After applying a new sensor, I coat the cloth in Skintac and lay down on my back for around 10 minutes so that it dries in place, this has helped it stay on. In the shower I use med tape to place a small ziploc bag over it so it stays on better (this might be superstitious, others will have to post in case they have better strategies that work)


I also cover my dexcom sensor during shower, which allows me extended days (with restart).